Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bigfoot: The Movie (2015)

Bigfoot:  The Movie (2015)
directed by:  Jared Show
starring:  Curt Wootton, Joanie Dodds, Jared Show, Nate Magill, Terrence Evans, Bill Crawford, John E. Lane Jr., Trey Snow, Jim Crenn, Brenna Roth, Aaron Preston Crothers, Terry Jones, Aaron Kleiber, Scott Silvester, Joel Wallis
format:  NTSC:  Region 1 - Personal Collection
tagline:  Small Town......Big Foot

(out of 5)

The Movie:  Wow did I love this one.  Maybe it was the whole Pittsburgh thing but in the subgenre of very, very bad bigfoot films it's nice to see a good one.  Granted this one is a comedy but I'll take good horror/comedy anyday over bad overall movie period.  I throw this in the pile with Exists, Legend of Boggy Creek, Abominable, The Abominable Snowman, and the rest of the very few great Sasquatch movies.  Three regular guys battling a beast no one believes in and making us laugh the whole time. 
The Gore:  Yes there is gore in this one and some damn good fx at that.  The creature itself at first glance looked shoddy but the moment the close-ups came in and the more the movie went on the better and more scary our sasquatch looks. Lots of blood and gore dripping from his mouth.  Definitely enough to satisfy this gorehound but then again I don't need buckets to be happy.  Well worth it's weight in special fx.
The Acting:  Ok read some online meanderings that the acting was sub par....where?  Who?  Maybe I'm easy to please here or maybe I couldn't stop laughing half the time at the antics of our four heroes but with the exception of a couple scenes I saw nothing that pulled me out of the movie or made me roll my eyes.  Joanie Dodds was perfect as our leading lady and Nate Magill was by far my favorite.  Really loved the whole chemistry between these two.  Jared Show well the man obviously can direct and act and some in my experience cannot pull this off not in the least.  He was angry/upset/scared and yet funny.  One of those makes a face and you can't stop laughing people for me.  Curt Wootton last but never least also just caught me laughing with his mannerisms and funny faces.  The hair really was the icing on the cake and when you are from an area where some people still wear their hair that way it just makes you giggle that much more.  I know guys and gals like these characters.  Kudos to the actors here you sold me.
The Shots:  Love the shooting in the backwoods area and small town where the four made their home.  Again I'm from this same area and this is a very comfortable setting for me.  Night of the Living Dead is my favorite horror for many reasons and one is the setting and people the film is about.  Well same here.  Nice gore shots too for the gorehounds.
The Script:  Yeah can't go on enough about the dialogue etc for this one.  Small town talkn, joke throwing good time.  Have either heard or had some of these conversations in real life.  Since I refuse to dissect script writing like so many do (frankly a lot of films do not require it) there really was nothing negative to speak about here.  Bigfoot is running amuck in a small town while our small band of friends is off to find and kill it.  Of course no one else believes them and neither do the authorities...or do they?  Loved it plain and simple.
The Rating:  4 out 5 Bloody Handprints.  Great horror/comedy and best thing to happen to bigfoot movies since Abominable.   Thank you Jared.

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