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Hole In the Wall (2014)

Hole In the Wall (2014)
directed by:  Steve Goltz, Andrew Shearer, Derrick Carey, Kevin Sommerfield, Greg Johnson, Carolyn Baker, Corey Udler, Rob Michels
starring:  Judith O'Dea, Blade Braxton, Heather Dorff, Rob Michels, Greg Johnson, Matt Kenyon, Tom Lodewyck, Tom Running, Alyssa Spangler, Draven Wagner, Andrew Shearer

(out of 5)


The Movie:  Sick, brutal, twisted fun.  I am a lover of both extreme cinema and anthologies and here we get a little of both.  7 stories, one sort of interweaved throughout the entire 80 minutes of the movie which was my favorite of the stories "The Plainfield Chopper".  My least favorite and reason this doesn't have a higher rating was "Last Dance" a failed attempt at family role reversal humor.  Last Dance just did not fit at all in this anthology and really tested my finger on the skip button, and there was nothing Divine about it.  Well I shouldn't say it was my least favorite if you wait till the end credits there's a keen waste of video called Glory Hole about a man masturbating to a photo of Kevin Sommerfield after wiping his ass with it.  May have been funny for the guys making the movie but really drug down the quality of the film as a whole.  Scumbag was a great little nugget of sickness and definitely my second favorite of the stories really enjoyed that one and really takes the word extreme seriously.  There is also the short called "Siren" about a singer slash banshee and what a creative display of cinematography and make-up that segment was, loved it.  Ed Gein DDS was about Ed Gein basically reincarnated as a dentist and this tale was hilarious with just the right touch of bloody carnage and a bit of a twist at the end.  Our Song Is Our Blade was the last short and it serves as kind of a prequel to the Plainfield Chopper wraparound story in black and white which I personally love seeing there aren't enough black and whites these days.  I bought this one on a whim and I have to say that I am happy I purchased it and it definitely falls into the rewatchable category.  I watched it twice, once on the my big screen, and then again as I sat contemplating my review over a spirited game of Gears of War.  My usual reviewing ritual.

The Acting:  Very well done.  Can't say I was impressed with all of it since I could barely stand the Last Dance and Glory Hole but other than that everything else kept me right in the film.  Draven Wagner was excellent as the shit stain or kid from "The Plainfield Chopper" I really enjoyed his character.  Also Alyssa Spangler who played the Siren from the "Siren" segment was another great little actress not to mention Greg Johnson as the Chopper in "Plainfield Chopper" Greg was probably my favorite.  His mannerisms and evil grin really sold me as a sadistic blood obsessed maniac.  Have to mention Judith O'Dea here the lead actress from my favorite horror film of all time Night of the Living Dead (1968).  Awesome to see her in this as mother Gein during the Ed Gein DDS segement.  Heather Dorff needs an honorable mention as well, very natural actress fully believed everything that was happening to her. 
The Gore:  Plenty of gore thrown around.  Guts, blood, severed fingers threaded with a string, and pulled teeth.  Yes this movie has several gross out effects and scenes which I won't spoil for those who haven't seen this yet but you sure are in for a wild ride.  The Ed Gein DDS segment and the Scumbag segment both had me cringing and laughing at the same time.  No cgi gore here a plus for me because while I do not hate cgi I do see no reason for cgi blood in any movie no matter what the "messy" excuse is.   

The Music:  Chilling score, a taste of metal, and the best in my opinion was the music during "Siren" it really set the tone for what was happening during the transformation of our character.  Music is very key to a good movie and this one did very well with that.

The Shots:  Siren had some real nice shots, especially the final scene.  Looking for more from Carolyn Baker.  Ed Gein DDS came in with the gory dental close-ups making me tense up with every victim.  Our Song is Our Blade definitely gets an honorable mention here the black and white just brings out the giddy kid in me.  Especially when there's a bloody madman holding an axe.

The Rating:  3 and a half Bloody Handprints which as I said earlier would have been higher but the toilet humor segments just were not on the level.  But no matter the movie is still definitely a quality indie production and still comes recommended here.

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