Sunday, August 26, 2012

Doctor Mordrid

Director(s) - Albert Band (Prehysteria) & Charles Band (The Gingerdead Man)
Starring - Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator, Castle Freak), Yvette Nipar (Phantoms), and Brian Thompson (Mortal Kombat: Annihilation)
Release Date - 1992
Genre - Adventure/Fantasy
Tagline - "Man has ancient enemies"

Rating (out of 5):

     I have a deep love for Full Moon flicks.  They're cheap but very entertaining...kinda like a stripper if you really think about it.  With movies like the Puppet Master series, Evil Bong trilogy, Gingerdead Man trilogy and countless others many people have become die hard fans of this small production couple.  However, other films made by Full Moon go unnoticed by the masses while other films steal all the glory.  I had never heard of this one till one day I was at the local rental store when it was going out of business.  Most of the people ahead of me had picked out all the good dvds but left the vhs section untouched.  It was here where I grabbed this little gem for $.25 along with Frankenhooker, May, and Uncle Sam to name a few.  Best money I ever spent.
     The movie follows wizard Doctor Anton Mordrid (Combs)  who is sent to earth by two glowing eyes floating in space called The Monitor.  Mordrid has to watch over earth for the return of an evil wizard named Kabal.  While watching over earth  Mordrid has become an expert in the macabre and supernatural and works as a criminal psychologist.  This is how he meets a research consultant Samatha (Nipar) who works with the police.  A string of heist begin to occur all over the world where radioactive substances are being stolen by a trusted employee.  Then that employee kills himself before the police can arrest him.  While the police frantically search for the people behind the heists Doctor Mordrid follows the news in order to know where the heist will happen next.  He knows it is Kabal gathering what he needs to open the door to the fourth dimension and unleash his follows onto the world.  Kabal then kills some people in a ritualistic manner and the police then suspect Mordrid due to his knowledge of the occult.  Mordrid escapes from jail using his magical amulet.  Kabal and Mordrid then have a showdown in the Cosmopolitan Museum.
      This movie is pretty damn good if you go into it with the mind set your watching a Full Moon movie and not a big budget epic like Lord of the Rings.  The movie was originally set to be the film adaptation of Dr. Strange but Full Moon lost the movie rights and still wanted to make a fantasy film about wizards.  The film has a good amount of cheese to keep you entertained from the beginning to end.  However, besides Combs and Thompson the acting kinda sucks.  Some scenes kind of remind me of blockbuster porn parodies.  The effects are awesome 90's lighting and laser blasts.  By awesome I mean shitty but that doesn't take away from the fun of the film.  I recommend this cheesy flick if your looking to get away from new shitty films.              

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Brutal Jesus and the House of Wasted Youth

Director - Nik Box (Dracula vs The Ninja on the Moon), & Alex Dawson
Staring - Steven Newton, Ben Brett, and Nik Box
Release Date - 2010
Genre - Horror/Exploitation
Tagline - "Mess with his faith, he'll mess with your life"

Rating (out of 5):

     It's astonishing at how many low budget movies are made each year that billions of people never know about.  Some of my favorite films are made on shoestring budgets and many of today's Hollywood A listers got their start on shitty horror movies.   Films produced by low budget companies like Razor Sharp Productions, Cinemassacre, Full Moon, and Troma release some quality films that definitely hit your entertainment g-spot and many people never get the chance to watch em.  Then there are some being released that make you wanna punch your grandma in her vagina and catch your baby cousin on fire.  This is one of them.  While looking at random trailers on youtube I just happened across someone giving this one a review.  I watched a few other reviews he had done and came to the conclusion that he had good taste.  Once again, I am allowed to be wrong once in awhile.  The synopsis and cover art for this film sucked me in and had me pumped to watch it.  Who wouldn't want to see a modern slasher/exploitation film starring the savior of our souls?
      The film follows Jesus of Nazareth, or Jesus H. Christ as most of you know him as, as he crashes a drug party.  Jesus, after letting himself in a house inhabited by British scene kids, goes on a bloody rampage killing all those in the home.  He starts his murderous rampage by poisoning the tea of one of the wasted youths with bug spray.  He then strangles, suffocates, and bashes the skull of a few more of the stoners before it is revealed as to why Jesus is against the youngsters having a good time.  In a black and white flashback Jesus is in the park with two other guys preaching to them about the bible and heaven when a group approach him and beat the shit out of him.  The film picks back up and Jesus kills the rest of the gang and the movie ends...literally.
     I love a good exploitation film.  Movies like Death Proof, Dear God No, and Father's Day are great modern examples of classic exploitation while the older classics like the Ilsa series and others are great flicks that have great replay value.  This pile of shit took everything horrible in a grindhouse flick and left out everything that makes one entertaining.  The movie uses grainy camera effects and cheesy music  typical in a grindhouse flick.  Also, this one, like most exploitation films, completely skips on story which is cool for all the good ones but this one did something completely different.  It sucks balls.  Large, hairy, sticky balls.  Nothing is entertaining in this film.  First off, Jesus is running around wearing a big ass bed sheet as a gown.  The gown is huge and makes him look like he's wearing those inflatable sumo suites and deflated it.  He looks so damn stupid.  Also,  after a few kills the movie goes into this crazy psychedelic sequence that just shows Jesus' face in different colors while this stupid 70's porn music plays.  It makes no sense at all.  When it comes to slasher movies, and exploitation films a like, you expect some awesome over the top kills with lots of blood and boobs.  Neither of them appear in this shitfest.  Some kills is just him putting a plastic bag over their face and they flop around like a limp dick on a nude male jogger while the other kills are just his face up close as we assume he his strangling them.  Nothing about this film is entertaining.  The company that made this intended it to be part one in a series of films they termed "Christploitation" and just recently released a sequel called Wrath of the Violent Vicar.  Trailers on youtube make it look  awesome, but then again the trailer for this one did too.   Stay away unless your in to bondage because you will definitely get some satisfaction from this torture of a film.    

Sunday, August 19, 2012

It Came From Somewhere Else

Director - Howard Hassler
Starring - William Vanarsdale, Don Aldrich, Robert Buckley
Release Date - 1988
Genre - Sci-Fi/Comedy
Tagline - "Too intense for children and small dogs!"

 Rating (out of 5):

     There is something to looking at the dvd bargain bin in video stores and finding a cheap flick that you had never heard of.  It also makes it even more sweeter when you check out the cover art and read the back of the case and the movie is unlike anything you have ever heard of.  To make the movie even more mysterious is when you go home and try to youtube a trailer for that same flick you just purchased for $1.99 and can't find one.  When all this happens to the same movie it almost makes you itch with anticipation to see it.
     The movie follows the town of Grand Bosh, a small town near the Canadian border, as they deal with an alien invasion.  To be honest trying to explain the damn plot to this movie is like trying to explain the smell associated to the color purple.  I know what I just said does not make sense but neither does the plot to this movie.  The aliens invaded the town and planted plants that resemble hands sticking out of the ground.  Also, the aliens know kung fu.  Did I mention that people also spontaneously combust?  If I didn't then I have now.  People that come in contact with Mr. Buckner, a man looking for his lost daughter, seem to catch fire except for the sheriff and his deputy.  The sheriff, his deputy, and the accident prone Mr. Buckner somehow fight the alien menace back into space.
     To be honest I have no idea what the hell it was I watched when I put this one in my PS3 but it was not entertaining at all.  I did laugh at some of the scenes where Mr. Buckner would get shot, stabbed, or cut with shocked with jumper cables.  The man is so stupid he literally doesn't feel pain.  Also, the sheriff is a funny character.  He's lazy and relies on other people to do his police work.  The movie is primarily black and white unless there is nudity or blood in the scene then the films goes to color.  The movie tries very hard to hit the campy 1950's sci-fi feel but just can't pull it off.  Maybe because those campy 1950's films were actually trying to make a serious film for that time instead of trying to intentionally make a shitty film from another era.  I don't recommend the movie as a whole but I do recommend fast forwarding to the scenes with Mr. Buckner.        

Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead


Full length film courtesy of Troma Entertainment

Director - Lloyd Kaufman (The Toxic Avenger)
Starring - Jason Yachanin (V/H/S), Kate Graham (Don't Let Her Drag You Down), and Allyson Sereboff (Evil Deed 2)
Release Date - 2006
Genre - Musical/Horror/Exploitation/Comedy
Tagline - "Humans...the other white meat.  Unless you're black then it's dark meat.  Or if you're Asian then it's yellow meat.  Or of you're Indian then it's red meat.  ( get the idea)"

Rating (out of 5):

     Troma is one of the few production companies that tend to truly stay away from the mainstream media.  Anything popular and trendy at the moment will not find its way into a Troma flick. This has garnered the small company a huge fan base of dedicated horror buffs and movie geeks alike.  Their movies are often made on shoestring budgets which only adds to the campiness and fun.  Troma has used that same campy formula in all their movies which is something of a trademark of theirs now.  They have a lot of films that do suck but for the most part Troma films are very entertaining.  This movie kinda sneaked under my radar before I was able to see it a few years ago.  I was spending most of my time watching the films that put Troma on the map like The Toxic Avenger and the Class of Nuke Em High series and never seen this ones release till it was too late.   
Director Lloyd Kaufman's cameo appearance.
    Like most musicals, this one follows the formula of a young boy and girl who fall in love with each other and like other musicals the girl leaves for college and begin dating other girls while boycotting  fast food chains.  Well maybe this one is not like other musicals because it has lesbians.  The main character, Arbie, after having his heart ripped out by the carpet munching hippie Wendy, gets a job at a new chicken restaurant American Chicken Bunker.  On opening day a crowd gathers to protest the new fast food chain and it just so happens his ex girlfriend is among the crowd.  It also just happens to be built on an Indian burial ground.  So everything for a great cheesy horror musical is laid out before you.  While preparing the food for the grand opening, the manager, Denny, finds a box of green, pulsating, eggs and orders the cooks to prepare them with the breakfast foods.  Anyone that consumes the now tainted cock meat turns into a zombie chicken demon.  Yep, a zombie chicken demon.  Due to it being opening day the owner of the restaurant shows up for the media coverage and offers the protestors a free sample of the chicken.  One of the lesbian protestors, who is dating Wendy,  then takes the owner up on his offer and takes the free sample.  She then tells the crowd how amazing it is and how crazy he is for giving it away.   Now the crowd all tries the tainted chicken and proceed to go into the restaurant to purchase more.  The lesbian and owner then go into his office where it is revealed that she is actually the girlfriend of the owner and held the boycott as a way to drive in traffic.  Now that everyone has consumed the chicken they begin a clucking rampage leaving Wendy and Arbie to fight for survival.
     This movie is one of the most entertaining films I have ever seen...if you have a sense of humor like I do.  The movie itself is a satire on fast food chains in American but that kinda falls through with the actual movie.  The acting is actually kind of descent for a Troma flick and so is the special effects.  The movie is extremely bloody and graphic but it is done in a funny way adding to that campy fun that fans of Troma love.  With it being a Troma flick there is a lot of random scenes of nudity that honestly doesn't do anything for the storyline, but at the same time it is funny as hell.  How some of the people reacted to eating the tainted cock meat was funny as well.  Some people just foamed at the mouth while others shit giant eggs that hatched giant chicken demons.  Any fan of horror movies or looking for a good laugh need to definitely check this one out.  The dvd and bluray are both pretty cheap on and you can also stream this on Netflix as well.                         


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Over the Top

Director - Menahem Golan (The Delta Force)
Starring - Sylvester Stallone (Rambo), Robert Loggia (Independence Day), and David Mendenhall (The Forgotten)
Release Date- 1987
Genre - Action
Tagline - "Some fight for money...some fight for glory...He's fighting for his son's love"

Rating (out of 5):

     I have seen this movie many times growing up and like most children because this one was not animated or had adults in spandex uniforms the same color as their skin tone I tended to ignore most of it.  Here recently I have been watching my fair share of 80's action and horror films and thought I would start building a collection of Stallone films, at least the ones where he keeps his pants on.  Funny how your tastes stay the same and change all at the same time.  Like how now I still enjoy watching Pee Wee's Playhouse and now watch the movies I often avoided when I was a child like JCVD and Chuck Norris films. 
     The film follows Lincoln Hawk (Stallone) as he struggles to repair the relationship between himself and his son.  Hawks left the boy and his ailing mother under the care of her mother's father Jason Cutler (Loggia).  Cutler, a rich and powerful man, will do anything to keep Hawks out of his grandson's life.  However, the dying mother has other plans up her sleeve.  While her son is graduating from military school she calls Hawks to have him pick his son up and drive him home so the two can get to know each other a little better.  Before Cutler arrives to pick up his grandson Hawks picks the little fella up with his semi.  The boy shows hatred and resentment to his father because of the stories his grandfather has been telling him.  Along the way home the two do, indeed, bond while both teaching each other life lessons and other bullshit.  Once Cutler finds out his dying daughter had Hawks pick up his grandson he becomes furious and sends his goons, lead by Ruker (played by Terry Funk), to pick him up.  It is later revealed that Hawks is an amazing arm wrestler and often hustles other truckers at rest stops for extra cash.  After having his son kidnapped, car chases, and some random arm wrestling scenes the two finally arrive at the hospital where his mother is being kept.  The two find that she had passed away after having heart surgery.  His son, now blaming Hawks for not being able to arrive fast enough to see his dying mother, goes back to his grandfather's house.  Hawks, upset she had passed and losing his son to an asshole, crashed through Cutler's gate with his semi and fights a few goons before Ruker and another goon restrain him and call the police.  Cutler sends a lawyer to see Hawks in jail to tell him that if he leaves his son under his care and leaves the state he will not press charges.  Hawks agrees and leaves for Las Vegas to compete in the arm wrestling championship.   Hawks, in hopes of winning the competition, wants to take the prize money and buy more trucks to start his own business.  Also,  seeing that he has turned his life around, his son will leave Cutler and stay with him.  Only downside to his plan is the odds are against him at 20-1.  He sells his semi for a few thousand and goes all in on himself.  While Hawks is competing, his son is going through his mother's things and finds all his father's letter written to him and his mother and realizes that his grandfather has been lying to him about his father.  He then steals a car and heads for the competition to be with his father.  After many grueling matches Stallone comes out on time.  Like a bad ass mofo.  
      This movie is more for 80's cheese fans than those looking for a good action flick.  Typical Stallone films has explosions, gun fights, and babes but you wont find those in this one.  However, it does have some good fight scenes and some of the funniest faces ever filmed.  I tried to find the best pics for my review to reflect that.  Almost every arm wrestling match had me laughing like a fat kid watching Over the Top's arm wrestling scenes...  Anyway, I highly recommend any film with Chainsaw Charlie.  Give it a watch and let your chest hair grow a little.        

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Werewolves on Wheels

Director - Michael Levesque (Sweet Sugar)
Starring - Stephen Oliver (Motopsycho), D.J. Anderson (Count Yorga, Vampire), and Gene Shane (The Velvet Vampire)
Release Date - 1971
Genre - Exploitation/Horror
Tagline - "This gang thought it was tough...til' it found a new type of hell...The bride of Satan!"

Rating (out of 5):

     Who wouldn't like a movie about werewolves on motorcycles?  Hell, if you think that's stupid then you need to go back to Bosnia and get the hell off my blog.  I had never heard of this little gem of a film until sometime last year while browsing random hyperlinks on wiki.  This movie was supposed to be the first ever to feature filmed footage of "reality" for entertainment.  The opening sequence uses actual bikers performing different stunts.  The only bad thing is the title is severely misleading.  
     The film follows the exploits of an outlaw biker gang known as The Devil's Advocates.  They are just your typical biker gang going about their day doing a little drugs, drinking a little drink, and doing the dirty with some loose ladies.  Yea, living the life some may say.  Well the gang decided it was time to party near a church but the idiots choose the wrong church to party at.  This random church just happens to be a satanic church.  The monks make an offering to the bikers of bread and wine.  However, the monks had drugged the bread and wine.  Once they're passed out, the monk takes the gang leader's ol' lady back to the church and perform a ceremony with her.  Once the leader wakes up, he gathers his fellow Advocates and head in the the church for an all out brawl with the monks.  Once he has gathered his nude lady the group head off to begin another fine day of drinking, drugging, and love making.  However, that night one of the bikers dies.  The following morning the gang decide to keep on traveling and partying.  That night another member dies.  Eventually the gang finds out that the ol' lady had been cursed by Satan and is now a werewolf.  
     The movie was good but at the same time it was a let down.  I had the impression that the entire biker gang was bloodthirsty werewolves.  In my mind they would ride around in the day doing biker shit and at night transform into bad ass werewolves in biker gear and cruise around eating people.  But I'm allowed to be wrong...right?  The film focuses more on the biker way of life which is fine with me I just wished I had knew that before hand and prepared myself mentally.  Why couldn't the movie be called Bikers with a Werewolf Bitch Eating them at Night?  Then I would know what I was about to see.  For a movie it was a pretty damn good one.  It reminded me of a good mixture of The Devil Rides Out and Easy Rider.  This one is definitely worth a shot but just remember its not a movie about a biker gang of werewolves.  


Director - Joel Schumacher (The Lost Boys)
Starring - Kiefer Sutherland (24), Kevin Bacon (Every movie...ever), Julie Roberts (no one cares), and Oliver Platt (Dr. Dolittle)
Release Date - 1990
Genre - Thriller
Tagline - "Some lines shouldn't be crossed"

Rating (out of 5):

     Do you remember that awesome movie from the 90's starring Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Bacon, Julia Roberts, and Oliver Platt?  Yea, neither do I.  This is a film that had a lot riding on it when it was released.  This film would reunite director Schumacher and Sutherland who previously worked together on The Lost Boys.  Among movie goers this flick gets a lot of praise.  That reason alone made me wanna check this one out for years.  Wish I had just bought some cheaply made Danish b-movie instead of this star studded shitfest. 
     Four med school students are brought together by Nelson (Sutherland) to perform an experiment to discover what lies beyond death.  The plan is to have Nelson flat line for one minute and then resuscitate him.  Everything goes according to they thought (insert spooky music).  While flat lining Nelson recollects a childhood vision of when him and some friends terrorized a local boy.  Him and his friends chase the youth up a tree and throw stones at him.  Nelson is then revived and confirms that there is something after death but can't really explain it.  When the group part ways  Nelson walks home and is attacked by a small boy wearing a hood.  The youth beats him to the point where Nelson needs stitches.  The next night the group meet up to flat line another member and see if the results are consistent.  This time on the chopping block is Joe (William Baldwin).  Once he has flat lined he experiences an erotic vision until he is revived.  From this point on Joe has visions of women speaking to him and is often confused if they are real or not.  Meanwhile, Nelson is still getting visits from the young boy and continuously gets the shit kicked out him.  Joe and Nelson do not tell the others of the things happening to them and David volunteers to flat line to share this experience.  While he is under he sees a young black girl that he had bullied when he was a child.  The next day, while on the subway, David sees the little girl calling him names and taunting him.  She shit talks him for a few minutes and David is shocked that no one else on the subway sees her.  He doesn't realize that the girl on the subway and the girl from his vision are one in the same.   When the group meet to flat line Rachel (Roberts) no one informs her of the visions they have witnessed.  When she flat lines she witnesses her father's suicide as she did when she was a child.  David, knowing that it had to be the guilt making him see the girl, decided to track down the now adult aged girl and apologize for the things he had done to her in his youth.  Once he has accomplished this he no longer sees visions of her.  The others must face their childhood fear or fall prey to it.
     I genuinely like Shumacher's films even though the masses do not.  The Lost Boys is one of the greatest vampire movies ever filmed in my humble opinion and the recent Blood Creek was a solid horror flick.  Hell, I even like Schumacher's sequels to Tim Burton's Batman series.  I had heard about this movie for years but was afraid to pay the absurd price online for it.  I just happened across it at Big Lots of all places for just $3 and figured for a price like that I'd hate myself for not picking it up.  Now I feel like a fool for paying that ridiculous $3 price for this shit.  The acting is obviously the best part of the movie except I cant stand seeing Julie Roberts in anything.  However, the characters are lame but there is something satisfying about seeing a small child kicking the shit out of Kiefer Sutherland.  The story is original but poorly executed.  Long scenes of dialogue where the cast mostly argues with each other takes a lot away from the entertainment.  To be honest for a thriller or drama this does not work that well but if Schumacher would have made the movie a little darker and turned it into a horror movie I would have enjoyed it a little more.  Over all the story was good but the movie itself was pretty crappy and to be honest I don't recommend this one.  Watch The Lost Boys        

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Two Evil Eyes

Director(s) - George A. Romero (Night of the Living Dead) & Dario Argento (Susperia)
Starring - Adrienne Barbeau (Creepshow, The Fog), Harvey Keitel (Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs)
Release Date - 1990
Genre - Horror
Tag Line - "When I wake'll be dead"

Rating (out of 5):

     Two Evil Eyes is a 1990 anthology film consisting of two segments and are directed by horror masters George Romero and Dario Argento.  Each segment is based on a different Edgar Allen Poe tale.  The first segment, "The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar," is directed by the father of the modern zombie George Romero.  The second segment, "The Black Cat," is directed by Italian Dario Argento.  Both stories have been adapted for the screen previously in 1962 by Roger Corman in his classic Tales of Terror.
     The first segment, "The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar," is another great piece of cinema provided by Romero.  The film revolves around a greedy woman and a doctor who plan on stealing money from her dying husband.  The two are able to drug and hypnotize the dying man and convince his lawyer to leave everything to his widow before he actually dies.  However, the man dies before they are able to carry out their devious plan.  They then stuff Mr. Valdemar in a deep freeze until they are able to collect all his money.  Things go from bad to worse when paranoia creeps in on Mrs. Valdemar.  She starts to hear strange sounds coming from the basement where her dead husband's body is being contained in a deep freeze.  One night Mrs. Valdemar goes into the basement to check on the corpse of her deceased husband and is greeted by his voice.  She screams for the doctor who immediately checks his pulse which is non existent.  Mr. Valdemar informs them that, due to him dying while he was hypnotized, the dead can use his body to access the land of the living if they do not wake him from his trance leaving the dead to attack the living.  Before the doctor has a chance to to snap Mr. Valdemar from his hypnotic trance Mrs. Valdemar shoots him in the head.  The voices immediately stop and the two go back to carrying out their morbid plan.  The two decided to bury him in the back yard in the garden.  While the good doctor is digging the shallow grave Mrs. Valdemar stays in her late husband's mansion.  Paranoid and curious she ventures downstairs to check on his corpse in the freezer where she finds that it has been opened and his body removed.  She then finds her late husband walking up the basement stairs.  The walking corpsicle tells her that the spirits now have control of his body.  She repeatedly shoots him which draws the attention of the doctor.  Before he can reach Mrs. Valdemar she is strangled to death.  The doctor then panic and snaps him out of the trance and his body collapses.  The doctor, alone and now the only beneficiary to Mr. Valdemar's fortune, goes back to his apartment with the money.  The segment then speeds up two weeks and the land lord is waiting outside on the police.  Upon entering the apartment they find the corpse of the doctor wondering about screaming in pain and saying he needs to be wakened from his trance.
     The second segment, The Black Cat, is the better story of the two.  The story follows a Pittsburgh photographer who photos murder scenes for the police.  He lives with his long time girlfriend who just recently brought home a stray black cat.  From the beginning the photographer does not like the feline and behind his girlfriend's back would torture it.  One day while having lunch he spots his girlfriend out with another man and becomes enraged.  He then goes home and begins taking pictures strangling the cat.  He takes those pictures, along with the pictures from his police scene footage, and has them published.  His girlfriend finds the book in the window of a bookstore.  After seeing the book she becomes scared and and attempts to flee to New York.  However, the photographer finds her sneaking out and kills her.  While this is going on he finds the mirror image of the cat her murdered at a bar and brings it home to her before he murders her.  He puts her and the new cat's corpse in the wall and plasters over it.  A few days later he hears something pawing at the wall where he had placed the two.  A black cat then claws its way through the wall where he kills it with a hacksaw and then fixes the spot.  Later, after being called by nosy neighbors, the police come to investigate his girlfriend's disappearance.  After checking the home twice they find nothing.  However, before leaving they hear a cat pawing behind the wall.  Once the police start investigating they see the plaster is still wet and start pulling the wall down.  Inside they find the remains of his girlfriend and cat.  The photographer is handcuffed and then murders the police officers.
    When this movie was released it had a lot riding on it.  Two of the biggest names in horror making an anthology based on Poe's work had a lot of horror and Poe fans waiting impatiently for it to be released.  However, the film was only limited released on VHS and now the DVD is out of print.  The story for each segment was good but both were kind of lacking.  The stories seemed to drag out between the action scenes.  Romero's segment in particular had long sections where there was no dialogue or action.  The story is, for Romero, quiet different than his normal films.  Everyone familiar with Romero's previous films know his signature zombies and the storyline associated with them.  The zombies in this one can actually reason and talk.  His previous zombie films have the undead as brainless creatures hellbent on consuming human flesh, however, in this one the undead are merely vessels under the control of spirits who can use their bodies as a type of vessel to attack humans.  For a zombie film the story is very different but it does work.  The storyline for The Black Cat has been filmed before this adaptation and was also an episode of the Masters of Horror series with that particular episode directed by Stuart Gordon.  This adaptation is honestly not really different that the others but it does have the effects of Tom Savini and a great cast to pull it off.  I highly recommend this one to any movie lover.