Friday, November 30, 2012


Director - Tony Randel (Children of the Night)
Starring - Seth Green (The Attic Expeditions), Alfonso Ribeiro (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), and Ami Dolenz (Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings)
Release Date - 1993
Genre - Horror
Tagline - "Something hungry is about to hatch"
Format - VHS (Personal Collection)
Favorite Quote - "O' party hats.  Now I know where Chuck's head is at"

Rating (out of 5):

     When I was little I watched this on TNT and loved it.  A few months later I was with my Dad at a flea market just looking around.  I found this and a few others on VHS and begged my dad for them.  He finally caved in and let me buy it.  When we were finally home he let me watch Ticks again.  When I threw it in the VCR it did not work.  I was around 8 or 9 at the time and I was pissed.  I tried the other VHS' I grabbed and they all worked fine.  It wasn't until I was in high school, and that same rental store I mentioned in an earlier post, went out of business, and was able to grab this for fifty cents.
     The film opens with chemicals, used on pot pants, are accidentally spilled on a sack of tick eggs.  This mutates the ticks in to giant killing machines.  This is unfortunate because a group of city kids are going on a camping trip for troubled youths.   The ticks start to hatch and attack one of the pot farmers (Clint Howard) and burrows in his face.  The ticks then make their way to the camp and attack Panic's (Ribeiro) dog.  Tyler (Green) and one of the counselors take the dog to a local vet to see what the cause of death is.  Panic is pissed and runs away from the camp.  On his way back to L.A., Panic crosses paths with the owner of the pot fields, Sir, and his goon.  Sir shoots Panic after shooting one of his booby traps and setting the forest on fire.  This flushes the ticks out of the woods and headed straight for the cabin.  At the vet, Tyler and the counselor discover that it was mutated ticks that killed the dog.  Once they arrive at the cabin, Sir and his goon arrive and want in.  Against his better judgement, the counselor caves in and let them enter.  Not long after this Panic staggers back to the cabin and collapses.  The counselor discovers he was shot and that was what lead to his death.  Sir then pulls a gun on them all and orders them to turn over the van.  Panic's body then convulses and starts splitting apart revealing a giant, man-sized, tick in side him.  They are able to get away from Sir and barricade themselves one of the rooms.  Sir is tick food and the group are able to jump out the window and make it to the van before the forest fire makes it way to the propane tank and explodes.
     I really enjoyed this movie when I was little but I did not appreciate it like I do now.  Movies that I liked before because they were "good movies" when I was little I now look at with a different point of view.  I now see all the work put in to the story, acting, special effects, and so forth and this is one of those films that were made and very few people were able to see it.  Sure, the story is ridiculous, but filmmakers and cast are still able to deliver a solid flick.  The acting, by the main cast, was very good.  However, the supporting cast are horrible actors, but that is typical in a 90's horror films.  I also really enjoyed the practical effects in this.  Howard's face, once the ticks burrow inside it, looks cool as hell and so does the giant tick transformation scene. I also really liked the pacing of the film.  It does not take long before we are thrust in to the action.  This is a big pain point with me and many of the films I watch.  I do have a few complaints about this film.  The first is the role of some of the characters.  An example of this is the sheriff.  They introduced him and immediately killed him.  The only thing this serves is to scare two campers.  A few of the characters are completely pointless to the story.  My other complaint is, once again, the ending.  The ending is extremely anti-climatic.  The film just ends.  Nothing to it what so ever.  Because those are my only complaints then you know this one is good.  This one will be released on DVD and Bluray in January, so pick it up.         


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Slugs: The Movie

aka Slugs, Muerte Viscosa

Director - Juan Piquer Simon (The Pod People)
Starring - Michael Garfield (The Warriors), Kim Terry (The Anarchist Cookbook), and Philip MacHale (Dark Angel)
Release Date - 1988
Genre - Horror
Tagline - "They slime, they ooze, they kill" and "No one is safe"
Format - Streaming (Netflix)
Favorite Quote - "You don't have the authority to declare happy birthday"

Rating (out of 5):

     One evening I was flipping through Netflix and ran across this film.  Normally I don't like bug and animal horror films.  There is a few of those type of films that I do like but for the most part I don't.  Anyway, I saw this movie and decided I would have a bug and slug night.  I wanted to watch Ticks and The Nest again and this finally gave me the reason.

     The film opens with a drunk finding a dog and taking it home with him.  Once in his home something attacks him.  The local police and the health inspector, Mike Brady (Garfield), discover what is left of his body.  When bodies start being discovered, and mutilated, the sheriff does not believe the health inspector that they are the results of slug attacks.  Mike is able to capture one of the slugs and takes it to a biology teacher who just happens to be an expert on slugs.  After running some tests they discover that the slugs are, in fact, carnivorous and also poisonous.   A sewer worker, Don Palmer (MacHale), has been finding the remains of small animals and team up with Mike.  The slug expert deducts that the best place for the slugs to strive would be in the sewers.  The pair find out that the area near the sewer was actually a toxic waste dump before being filled in.  Some how the toxic waste mutates the slugs in to the monstrosities.  The expert also discovers a chemical that makes the slugs explode.  Mike and Don head down to the sewer to kill them but have minor complications and Don dies.  Mike is able to use the chemical to kill the slugs and most of the town explodes.  When it is all said and done the sheriff finally believes them.  
     I really liked this movie.  I usually find most "when nature attacks" films to be stupid, but this one is not.  The story is ludicrous but the filmmakers were able to make a entertaining film.  The acting is not the best but it is not the worst either.  The effects are great and so is the gore.  True gore hounds will definitely enjoy this one.  Most of the deaths are extremely bloody and gory and that is why horror junkies watch horror films.  What I did not like about the film was the ending.  Seems like I have been on a kick about that lately.  Anyway, the story runs its course only to end in a ball of fire.  I honestly think that with a better ending this movie would have received a better rating.  If you have Netflix then give it a go and if you don't then buy it.  Well worth the money.


Interview #1: Nick Box


     One of my first reviews was on a movie called Brutal Jesus and the House of Wasted Youth.  A few months after writing that post I received an email from the director, Nick Box.  He told me that he had read the review and liked my style.  I literally picked that film apart, and as he was aware, I was not a fan.  However, he did not let that bother him and sent me two more films to review.  Both films were a huge improvement over Brutal Jesus.  One of the films, She's Dead, will defiantly be a huge hit among horror fans.  After reviewing them for my blog I saw a jump from a typical 50 views a day to nearly 300 a day.  So I asked Nick if he had a Facebook page and he added me.  I noticed he had actually shared my blog a few times.  I gained a lot of respect for this man for all that he had done and asked him if he cared to let me interview him via Facebook for the blog and he agreed.  This is that interview.      

Me - For anyone to go out on their own and use their own money to make that movie. Something had to inspire you. Was is a film, series of films, a director? What was it that inspired you?

Nick Box - I was obsessed with film right since a kid and it was what I always wanted to do, however I was always told I couldn't unless I had heaps of money and knew the right people etc. but in my teenage years I got into Kevin Smith's early movies and Troma and both of those made me realize I could go out and make movies for very little.

Me - I understand where you're coming from there. I've always wanted to be a filmmaker but never had the motivation. And like you, I too love Kevin Smith and Troma films

Out of the films you have made, which one is your personal favorite? The one you think of as your masterpiece?

 Nick Box- Out of all the films I have made so far I think She's Dead is by far the best as it was certainly my most ambitious, A feature film shot in 4 days and a turn around from script to Cinema Premiere in 2 months was one hell of a feat and I do think its the most solid film I have made so far. However because it's still so fresh I've seen it so many times in the last few months I find it hard to watch ha-ha! , But still a great little film that I am very proud of. 2nd to that would be Violent Vicar that's the one I can watch the most as it all ways makes me laugh.

Me -  Having watched three of your films I have to say that I really enjoyed She's Dead and the Violent Vicar was also a very good film. I see a trend in each film of yours that I watch where you have grown as a director from film to film. With She's Dead being a great film, I cant wait to see how good your next one will be.

After you made your first film, did you catch yourself watching movies by other directors a little differently?

Nick Box -  I Think even before I shot my first film , (Dracula Vs The Ninja On The Moon) I was already watching films from a director's point of view as I said before it's all I have ever wanted to do, but up until 2009 I never really had the means to make anything other than a bunch of experimental shorts, Certainly since becoming a film maker I have gained allot more respect for Directors of movies I wouldn't normally watch. but I still pick holes and work out how things are done the same as I always have but this is what taught me the craft I've learnt more from watching movies than I have from books and course's etc.

Me -  I have not been lucky enough to watch Dracula vs Ninja on the Moon, But I will one day. One would assume that, after making your own movies, you would see movies in a different light. You actually know, first hand, the sleepless night and pain they went through when making that film.

What do you have planned for your future as a director and Dead Good Films Like?

Nick Box -  A little more on the last Question. I've always known that movie making is about Blood Sweat and Tears so I knew what I was getting myself in for from the word go he-he but yeah since doing it I do respect other film makers a lot more, but still try to see films in the same way I always have but I do certainly pick up on things I like or dislike allot quicker.

As for the future I am currently casting for an extreme Exploitation film with a hint of comedy it's a Christmas film but wont be ready until sometime in the new year, other than that with Dead good films Like we are working on our 2nd Anthology film Terror Telly 2 which will feature segments from some great directors from all over the world, we also hope to make more convention appearances across Europe and even the states in 2013 and we have been entering She's Dead into some festivals. So Certainly Busy times

Me - Sounds like you have a lot going on. As for those conventions in the states let me know when and where because I will definitely be there. I am a huge fan of exploitation films and there is not enough horror/exploitation films about the Christmas season.

What was your favorite movies growing up and what are your favorite movies now?

Nick Box - I really want to bring DGFL to the states so badly, as a good 60% of the films we sell are to America and Canada and the convention scene over there is awesome, Would like to do at least one in 2013 Wasteland is the one id like to do the most but would be good to go over in a month with a few on so we could hit all sides but it's all down to money at the end of the day :(

My favorite movies growing up for the most part are still my favorite movies now and the ones that inspired me the most, my all time favorite movie is THE MONSTER SQUAD ever since I saw it when it came out on VHS when I was Like 10 that movie has stuck with me I could watch everyday for the rest of my life. I am all about 80s movies of all genre's Horror , Action even Kids flicks but my top 5 has always stayed the same The Monster Squad, Labyrinth, Transformers The Movie (1986) ,Rocky IV , Big Trouble in Little china. But I am also heavily influenced by the Charles Band Empire produced movies of the 80's and early 90s Terror Vision etc and Canon films like American Ninja etc. When it comes to recent films or at least films in the last 10-15 years id say Troma's Terror Firmer, Ti West's House of the Devil and the best independent movie of all time in my Opinion THE TAINT

 Me - My respect for you keeps growing. The Monster Squad is also one of my favorite films and as my wife can testify, my favorite era of films is definitely the 80's regardless of genre. Transformers is also an obsession of mine. I have an Autobot's tattoo and when I get the time I will have the Decepticon tattoo as well. Now, as for The Taint, I have never seen it but it does have a lot of hype so I may throw that on the ol Christmas list.

Finally, what advice would you give aspiring filmmakers?

Nick Box -  The Taint is a true masterpiece it's so out there its awesome :)

My advice to aspiring film makers is simple go out and do it! You don't need money you don't need high end gear, all you need is an idea. look at what you have to work with and base your project around that. when we made Brutal Jesus we had a house we could use and a bunch of punks we knew we had no money but scraped together £10 to buy a bible and a bed sheet we couldn't afford to buy or make blood so we had him kill with strangulation etc that's just an example but it's all about looking at what you have and how you can make that fun and work, It's easy to get a film out there get involved in the online movie communities on Youtube and Facebook befriend people on there get advice and plug your projects. it's very cheap to get DVD's Printed and selling them online through web stores like Big Cartel and even Amazon so without sounding like a Nike commercial my advice is Just Do It!

Once Bitten

Director - Howard Storm (Kenan and Kel)
Starring - Lauren Hutton (Nip/Tuck), Jim Carrey (Ace Ventura), and Karen Kopins (Troop Beverly Hills)
Release Date - 1985
Genre - Comedy/Horror
Tagline - "Mark Kendall just found out that his one night stand has been around for centuries" and "A one-night stand with eternal complications"
Format - DVD (Personal Collection)
Favorite Quote - "Sebastien, get out of the closet"  "I came out of the closet centuries ago"

Rating (out of 5):

     This is another film from my childhood that I think is a crime that it is not well known, or is forgotten.  When I was in third and fourth grade, me and my cousin would watch Ace Ventura and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls all the time.  So if any of you have really been reading my blog then you know that if I really like a movie I start looking at other movies with the same cast and directors.  So naturally I watched as many Jim Carrey movies I could find.  When the local video store was going out of business I found this little gem on VHS for fifty cents and grabbed it.  I never did watch that VHS but I did find a DVD copy at Big Lots and grabbed it.
     The film follows The Countess (Hutton), a vampire who, in order to keep her youthful appearance, must feed on the blood of a virgin three times before Halloween.  However, this is not an easy thing to do in this time and age of debauchery.  We then meet Mark Kendall (Carrey), one of the few virgins in a world of filth.  Mark has been trying to plow his girlfriend Robin (Kopins), but she just will not put out.  Sexually frustrated, Mark and his two friends, Jamie and Russ, head off to Hollywood and try their luck at scoring.  It was the 80's and it was called "scoring" during that decade.  The three visit a bar and The Countess puts her moves on him and convinces him to go back to her mansion.  After undressing him, she bites the main artery on the inside of his leg.  He passes out and when she wakes him she is able to convince him that they did have sex.  He thanks her and leaves.  The next day at school Jamie and Russ make him spill the beans about what happened.  Robin over hears and the couple have a fight before going their own ways.  Mark is also acting weird.  Sleeping longer than he usually did and wearing sunglasses constantly.  He even drinks the blood from raw meat that his mother had poured in a glass to throw away.  After making up with Robin, he visits her at work.  She works for a clothing store and while there he decides to try on a pair of leather pants.  While in the fitting room, The Countess appears and takes her second transfusion.  Mark collapses and while Robin is helping him up, The Countess is able to sneak out undetected.  Mark begins to act even more strange.  He begins to wear only black clothing and hisses at a group of kids.  That night Mark and Robin decide to go to a Halloween party at their school where Robin and The Countess have a very spectacular 80's dance off scene.  It is clear that Mark's love lies with Robin, so The Countess kidnaps her as a way to lure Mark back in to her mansion so she can get her third transfusion.  Mark, Jamie, and Russ go to the mansion to save Robin, however, The Countess uses her powers to hypnotize him.  Robin is able to use her love, and the bribe of sex, to break the trance and the group flee for their lives while The Countess, and all the virgins she has turned in to vampires, give chase.  While cornered, Robin and Mark use one of the vampire's coffin and have sex.  Because he is not a virgin anymore and it is midnight on Halloween, she transforms in to her true age while Robin and Mark head back for round two.
     I love 80's vampire movies made for the masses instead of the horror fans.  They are cliched, dated, and mediocre...and I love it.  Movies like Rockula, My Best Friend is a Vampire, Once Bitten, and so on, are entertaining, at least for the first viewing.  However, unlike Rockula, this movie does have a replay value and never gets old.  The story is nothing original, nor special, but with the cast, this film is able to pass as entertaining.  The actors did their job very well and Jim Carrey is not the normal goofball that everyone has grown accustomed to like in his later movies.  He is funny and does have his moments, but for the most part, he is serious throughout most of the film.  There really is no special effects in this film, just white body paint and fake fangs.  I am not gonna get too in depth with this film I just wanted to make a post about it because it is a shame that this film is not more known and forgotten with time.  The reason I gave this film a 3 and not higher is because I think it would have been a true classic if the filmmakers would have made it a little more darker in tone and story.  Please check this one out.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

Director - Alan Rafkin (Coach)
Starring - Don Knotts (The Apple Dumpling Gang), Joan Staley (The Munsters), and Liam Redmond (Curse of the Demon)
Release Date - 1966
Genre - Comedy/Horror
Tagline - "You'll be scared until you laugh yourself silly"
Format - Streaming (Youtube)
Favorite Quote - "That's right, karate... made my whole body a weapon"

Rating (out of 5):

     Growing up I absolutely loved The Incredible Mr. Limpet.  That lead me to watch other Don Knotts films like The Apple Dumpling Gang, it's sequel, and The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.  I loved them all, however, none stuck out like The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.  I rented it on VHS a few times but was never able to find it to purchase.  One day I was watching a few videos on youtube and decided to watch a few scenes from The Ghost and Mr. Chicken when I found that a large group of people have uploaded the movie in its entirety.  
      Luther Heggs (Knotts) is a typesetter at a local newspaper but aspires to be a reporter.  One evening while driving home he hears a woman screaming murder.  He slams on his brakes and runs to the woman with his camera.  She tells him that the man was hit on the head with a board and died.  He takes pictures and rushes to the police station.  While trying to convince everyone there, the murdered man wonders in escorted by his wife.  The man was drunk and she hit him with a board and was bringing him down to put him in the drunk tank.  Heggs is now a joke among the townspeople.  There is also another local legend surrounding the Simmons Mansion.  Mr. Simmons murdered his wife and then went to the top of the mansion and played the organ before jumping to his death.  People refer to the mansion as a "murder house."  That day at the office, Heggs is talking to the janitor, Mr. Kelsey, and discovers that he was once the groundskeeper of the Simmons Mansion.  Heggs is trying to brainstorm ideas on how he can climb the corporate ladder and make reporter.  Mr. Kelsey reminds Heggs that it is the 20th anniversary of the Simmons' murders and convinces him to write an article about it.  Meanwhile, Nicholas Simmons is in town trying to settle with the bank so he can level his uncle's estate.  That is put on hold when Heggs' article is a sensation with the locals.  The bank teller's wife is head of the local psychic and occult society and makes him hold off on settling the paperwork until Heggs spends the night in the mansion.  That night Heggs stays in the mansion and strange things start to happen.  At midnight the organ plays by itself and other strange things occur.  Heggs runs to the editor and they type up an article on his exploits in the mansion.  Heggs is now a hero among the locals and they even hold a festival for him.  However, not everyone is proud of Heggs.  Nicholas Simmons is pissed that Heggs has turned the home he wanted to demolish in to a local hotspot.  He then sues Heggs.  While in court Heggs tries to convince everyone of what he saw.  The judge is skeptical and takes the jury and Heggs back to the mansion where nothing out of the ordinary happens.  So the judge and jury leave and Heggs stays behind.  Once alone he hears the organ playing again and rushes to find out what is going on.  He finds Mr. Kelsey playing the organ and he confesses he had done it the night he stayed to help him with his article.  Nicholas Simmons is also in the mansion and it is revealed that Nicholas killed his uncle and aunt and tried to frame Mr. Kelsey for it.  Kelsey found his garden shears in the aunt's throat and was able to remove it and clean it up before the police arrived.  The pair, along with Heggs' love interest, are able to bring Nicholas down.
     This movie is hardly a horror movie at all but I have it listed as one due to the haunted house scene and the murders.  I really like this movie.  It is just good, innocent entertainment.  The story is simple and very effective.  The movie was made only to capitalize on the awkward comedy of Don Knotts.  I am completely fine with that.  The atmosphere is eerie and when in the mansion, the film feels just like the typical horror film of the time.  I really like that cliche haunted house feel when it is pulled off right.  I also loved the acting.  Don Knotts is one of my favorite comedic actors.  I would have loved to see him, Jim Varney, and Jim Carrey star in a film together.  The only fault to this film, to me anyway, is the pacing.  The film jumps from important scenes to pointless scenes with dialogue.  This is one of those movies I review to remind people of this amazing movie and not to actually go in depth with.  Overall, this is one of those movies that everyone must own.  If you don't have it then order it.



Director - Brett Pierce (Dead/Undead) and Drew T. Pierce (Secrets of Fenville)
Starring - Michael McKiddy (Weenie Roast Massacre), Ross Kidder (Sam Hell), and Markus Taylor (Wayward Frankenstein)
Release Date - 2011
Genre - Horror/Comedy/Romance
Tagline - "They'll die again before they give up!" and "A road trip movie to die for"
Format - Streaming (Netflix)
Favorite Quote - "Did Luke Skywalker give up on princess Leia?"  "That was his sister" "He wanted to fuck his sister"

Rating (out of 5):

     Last week my nephew came up and spent a few days with me and my wife.  He told me that lately he has been watching The Walking Dead and that he wanted me to show him some zombie movies.  My heart grew three sizes that day.  Anyway, I let him look through my DVD and Bluray collection but I just wasn't feeling the urge to watch anything I owned so we turned to Netflix.  I was actually in the mood for a comedy so after a little searching we came across DeadHeads.  From looking at the cover art and reading the small snip it I knew this one would not fail to entertain.  It may not be anything original or special but it would definitely not a waste of an hour and a half of our time. 
     The film opens with an ordinary Joe waking up and discovering he is in a bodybag.  After making his way out, Mike (McKiddy), finds himself surrounded by blood smeared cars.  As he starts to comprehend the things that are going on around of him he also starts having small visions of what lead to his demise.  He is unaware he is dead and runs across a re-animated corpse and is terrified.  He runs to a small home and tries to get in.  The people barricaded inside shoot him and he flees.  After running through the woods he bumps in to another individual, Brent (kidder).  He, too, is a zombie that is capable of rational thought and able to talk.  However, Mike wants nothing to do with the Brent, especially after watching him feed on a human hand.  Mike leaves Brent and sets off on his own till he falls asleep  Brent wakes him and wants the two to stick together because they can communicate.  Brent was not bitten by a zombie prior to being one, but actually died by erotic asphyxiation.   Mike discovers that is has been three years since he died.  He died before he could propose to his girlfriend.  The two visit a bar to grab a bite of actual food and not human entrails.  However, once inside the bar a black bad ass, Thomas, arrives to warn the people of the coming zombie horde.  Everyone starts boarding up the windows and doors, so to fit in they help barricade the bar.  In true comedic style the two screw up and nail Mike's hand to a plank.  When he tries to pull his hand free he accidentally pulls his arm off.  The group realize that Brent and Mike are undead but before they can plant a bullet between their eyes the horde of zombies bust through the doors and windows and they are able to escape.  Mike sets out to find his girlfriend and Brent tags along.  While on their journey Brent picks up a pet zombie and names him Cheese (Taylor).  Cheese can not talk or really make any coherent thought but does bond with Mike and Brent.  The three come across an elderly man that does not seem to notice that they are undead and offer them a ride.  He is heading to the ocean so he can pour his dead wife's ashes in the water.  Meanwhile, Thomas is revealed to be a convict and the government hire him to capture Mike and Brent.  Thomas is then forced to team up with two other government agents to bring them in.  Thomas and his men come extremely close to capturing them but Mike, Cheese, and Brent are always able to get away.  More and more of Mike's memory comes back and he remembers that the night he died he was reading a letter from his girlfriend and she was breaking up with him before he was her father.  Thomas finally captures them and take them to Mike's girlfriend's father who works for the government.  After killing Mike, he took Mike's corpse and ran experiments on it which made him and Brent what they are now.  Mike's murderer also orders the two members of Thomas' team to kill Thomas and tie up all lose ends.  Thomas discovers his plan frees Mike and Brent.  Mike makes his way to his girlfriend's house where he confesses his love her and she tells him that she was breaking up with him so he could pursue his writing career...the end.
     This movie made me laugh my ass off.  I really enjoyed the story but it is not that original, just very well executed.  Talking, coherent zombies has been done before and so has the zom-com-rom.  From all the films I have been lucky, and unlucky, to watch I have noticed a few things.  Most movies have a lot in common with other films and often catch hell for that.  However, I am fine with that as long as the filmmakers make an entertaining film and that is what the Peirce Brothers did with this one.  I also like the effects.  The zombies look good and there is a great mixture of practical and CGI effects.  In fact, the CGI is very minimal and discrete. Also, the actors are great.  McKiddy, Kidder, and Taylor are great in their roles and Brent became a personal favorite of mine.  My nephew made a few observations about Brent and that reminded him of me with the Star Wars and Transformers references and all the vulgarities.  People that know me on a personal basis know that, aside from horror, I am a huge Star Wars, Transformers, Pee Wee Herman, and the like, fan.  All those one liners referring to those I absolutely loved.  My biggest complaint, and the reason the film did not get a higher rating, is the ending.  They tried the entire film to get to the girl.  The had to fight with each other, government agents, zombies, and their own death to get to her and the only thing that happened was he spilled his heart out to her and the movie ends.  What the hell was even the point of even having an ending at all?  It was just pointless and tasteless to me.  However, if that is my only complaint about a movie then you know it is a good one.  If you have Netflix give it watch and if you don't then go buy it.  You will not be disappointed.