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The Perfect Husband = DVD = Blu-Ray


Starts out as a slow-burn psychological (emphasis on psycho) thriller [that] becomes a brutal survival game filled with some real shockers in terms of the ol onscreen violence. Honestly, I was in suspense through this whole thing where as with most thrillers I'm just bored out of my skull. I liked the characters, and actually cared about what happened to them (another rarity), and overall was just impressed. I highly recommend this one. It's a great take on hoary genre tropes that bring some real squirm-in-your-seat thrills! --Famous Monsters of Filmland

Thrilling and exciting featuring some fantastic camera work by director of photography Davide Manca. In fact, Manca's work is some of the most polished and finest composition and lighting I have seen in a lower budget film in quite some time. Relying on one location, the film's visual compositions trap you in the lush forest and cabin in which the film is set, and thus, trapping our protagonists in their seemingly inescapable psychological nightmare.
About the Director
Lucas was born in Argentina and moved with his family to Italy at the age of 5. As a youngster, Lucas showed promise in story- telling and the visual arts. After finishing his studies, he decided he would start making his own films and wrote and directed his first of the horror, THE BASTARD CONTADINE, completed in 2005. He kept making films, determined to invigorate the Italian indie scene, and was finally noticed internationally for his short presentation of Il Marito Perfetto , which was selected at Roma International Film Fest and won best short at the Buffalo Scream Horror Festival and the Mexico Horror Film Fest. Numerous other awards followed, along with hundreds of thousands of youtube hits. This lead to attention from Italian indie backing to expand the short into Pavetto s first major feature production, THE PERFECT HUSBAND. Lucas has shot his second feature in New York, a thriller called ALCOHOLIST and it is in post-production. The film stars Bill Moseley and John Robinson. Lucas is currently developing his third feature film, a black comedy called MISERY MARKUS.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

ReGOREgitated Sacrifice

Director - Lucifer Valentine (Slaughtered Vomit Dolls, Black Metal Veins)
Starring - Ameara Lavey (Slaughtered Vomit Dolls, Slow Torture Puke Chamber), Cinderella Valentine, Lucifer Valentine
Release Date - 2008
Genre - Horror
Format - DVD (Personal Collection)

Rating (out of 5):

     I knew I would find myself in a loop reviewing horrible movies.  These loops as I like to call them usually come in threes.  When I get a slasher or zombie flick in to review I usually find myself reviewing three.  I don't do this on purpose it just usually ends up that way.  I, also, find myself watching bad movies in threes.  A few days back I watched two bad films followed by a good one.  I joked to my wife that this broke my spell but I feel a shit storm was brewing.  I was right.  I was sent A Perfect Child of Satan from my friends over at Black Lava.  The film is part of the Vomit Gore series from experimental filmmaker Lucifer Valentine.  I had never seen any of the films because they didn't sound interesting to me but because I was sent this one for review I decided to pull the others off the shelves and check them out.  I started with the first film, Slaughtered Vomit Dolls which was a waste of time.  Now we move on to the second film in the series, ReGOREgitated Sacrifice.

       The film, once again, follows Angela Aberdeen (Lavey) who is a delusional prostitute who suffers from bulimia.  She once again incoherently babbles and rants about Satan before killing a few people when she is not throwing up or pissing on people.


 I never had high expectations for the Vomit Gore series and Slaughtered Vomit Dolls showed me that I was not missing anything by skipping these films for so long.  SVD was a very boring watch that offered up very little that I would call entertainment.  Ameara Lavey is mildly hot but seeing her covered in vomit ruined it for me.  ReGOREGitated Sacrifice is more of the same with nothing new added.  The acting in this one is, once again, not there.  We get a young woman, naturally beautiful, talking about some of the most illogical bullshit about Satan and the like.  The fact that she is mildly attractive could have held the viewer's attention but is ruined by the fact the director is trying to shock the viewer instead of entertain them.  This feels like it was another erotic flick for freaks who enjoy vomit and then raised the bar by adding pee to the mix.  Finally, the film does have a few kills, similar to SVD.  The kills are great and the effects are top notch.  Sadly, they are lost in a film with no story and chaos.  The effects are really top notch but they will go unnoticed due to the nature of the film.  Overall, ReGOREgitated Sacrifice is another disgrace to indie filmmaking and horror in general.  There is literally thousands of videos of people throwing up on Pornhub that has a better story than this one.  Skip it.  


Bb (2016)
BB - A Film by CJ Wallis
BB on Facebook:
From Facebook:
BB is a provocative, pyscho/sexual thriller about a struggling, rough-edged girl named Leah Lamont who takes it upon herself to raise the money her girlfriend Alina Lupei needs to fly home to be with her ailing family member in Romania.

With no quick fix available, under the name "Candy Cummings," Leah performs online strip shows from her apartment for thousands of strangers every day, never fully knowing the extent of evils that could be watching on the other side of the screen.


Jennifer Mae, Kristian Hanson, Victoria Fox, Elissa Wagner, Carlos Velarde, Joseph May, Samantha '3D Na'tee' James, & Michael Joseph

Directed by CJ Wallis

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Slaughtered Vomit Dolls

Director - Lucifer Valentine (Black Metal Veins, ReGOREgitated Sacrifice)
Starring - Ameara Lavey (Slow Torture Puke Chamber, ReGOREgitated Sacrifice), Kaiya Lynn (The Tainting), and Pig Lizzy
Release Date - 2006
Genre - Horror
Tagline - "Witness horror film history and the birth of a new film genre: vomit gore"
Format - DVD (Personal Collection)

Rating (out of 5):

     I hear about a lot of movies from people in horror groups, chat rooms, and out and about.  When people find something new that excites them they tend to share it with the world.  Back in the day I was a member of the Upcoming Horror Movie forum (Suffering Bastard) where I was active for around a decade.  Throughout that time I heard about a lot of different movies that was supposedly extreme and graphic.  August Underground, Serbian Film, and Vomit Gore was among those frequently mentioned.  August Underground was a film that I figured I would get around to checking out eventually but the other two I had no interest in it.  I can handle extreme but it has to fit the story.  Extreme for the sake of being extreme is slightly stupid.  With that being said, I am also a collector and when I see a good deal I jump on it.  Sometime ago I was at the local used record store and spotted the Unearthed Films release of the Vomit Gore trilogy.  I have seen those go for well over $50 in different horror groups and there it was sitting for $20.  It looked like it was in great shape so I grabbed it just to toss in my collection.  Little did I know that one day that Black Lava Entertainment would send the newest Vomit Gore flick to me for review forcing me to finally check out a series I said I would never watch.  I am grateful they sent the film my way but this is just one I had no interest in.
    The film follows a young prostitute that is obviously unstable and bulimic.  She continuously vows herself to Satan before killing people and vomiting all over everything before masturbating with various objects including a crucifix.

     Most of my close horror friends told me to stay away from the Vomit Gore series.  They claimed that it was nothing more than a woman talking incoherently for most of the film when she wasn't killing or throwing up all over herself.  Others, mostly people I don't know, claimed it was an instant classic in horror cinema.  My friends were right.  This film offered up nothing that I found entertaining or memorable.  The acting in this one is non-existent.  The film, more or less, just stars one person who rambles on and on about throwing up and how much she wants Satan to fuck her.  She is not convincing at all but you have to give her credit for her dedication.  How many women, or men for that fact, would gag themselves over and over again?  Not many, that's for sure.  The story for this one is just not there.  We get odd scenes of murder and Satan worship but they still lack story.  The rest of the film is Lavey puking on things and finger fucking herself.  It honestly feels like a fetish video you would find overseas.  In fact, that brings me to the claim that it started it's own sub-genre of horror which is now dubbed vomit gore.  Didn't Fred Vogel do this same thing in the early 2000s with his August Underground trilogy?  If he did then how did this film create it's own genre?  Finally, the film has some pretty rad kills but they are wasted on a film that does not put them to good use.  If the effects were in a traditional film they would be memorable.  Overall, Slaughtered Vomit Dolls is a poor excuse for a film.  If anything, it is a device for a sick mind to trick women into acting in his/her fetish flicks to be added to the spank bank.  Skip it.

Observance = Blu-Ray = DVD

They Are Watching
Atmospherically creepy and visually unnerving, Australia's Joseph Sims-Dennett's startling feature film debut follows Parker, a young man in the grip of grief following the death of his young son, his marriage on the rocks and nearing bankruptcy, but who reluctantly returns to work as a private investigator. His assignment it to observe a woman from an abandoned apartment, and as her watches bizarre happenings surrounding her, he slowly becomes aware that the derelict building he is in has a dark presence which slowly threatens to consume him. A frightening horror tale of a man spiraling into madness and reminiscent of Roman Polanski's THE TENANT, Hitchcock's REAR WINDOW, and the works of David Cronenberg and David Lynch.

Zombie Croc (2015)

Zombie Croc (2015)
directed by:  Robert Elkins
starring:  Robert Elkins, Brittney Scalf, Apryl Crowell, Crystal Howell, Tony Jones
format:  Amazon Prime
tagline:  Evil Has Been Summoned

     I am a giant fan of these cheap ass giant monster animal movies.  Are they all "so bad it's good"?  Hell no, Shark Exorcist was absolutely painful to watch.  I have seen some people compare this movie with that one and I have no clue what they saw when they watched Shark Exorcist.  Number one, Crystal Howell was amazing.  Best actor in the film by far and none of the actors were terrible, some not so great but definitely not terrible.  The drunk Sheriff did a pretty decent job as well but really for me the shining star was Howell.  Going to look for more of her in the future. 
As far as story goes a voodoo sort of medicine man comes out of the swamps upset with the locals about something that happened to his ancestors in the past.  So of course he summons up a zombie crocodile and sends it and a legion of zombies out after the townsfolk.  They kept it pretty simple and I thoroughly enjoyed it the whole way through.  Even pausing the film which in the case of a silly movie like this I almost never do because I usually don't want or need to see every moment and nor do I care.  This one however I found enjoyable enough script wise to have the need to see all it had to offer. 
Yes this movie is cheesy and silly.  But the fx and the actors at least for me made it.  Most of these style of productions the fx are just so bad, most especially the cgi that it ruins the movie for me.  I love good cheap fx but it's a very subjective fine line.  This was not the case for me.  The gore and blood was thrown around a lot and most of it not cgi.  A clown's head was thrown up in one key scene that definitely had me giggling and then the scene with a victim walking through the swamp missing half an arm.  That effect was the best in the movie and damn good, a lot better than movies with 10 times it's budget.  The croc was pretty cheap looking overall but it was far better than some cgi croc that looked like it came from a video game.  In short I highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys cheeseball movies like Sharknado.  I definitely liked this one and am planning on purchasing it.  Last but not least some of the scenes had some gritty old projector fx added to make the movie look more authentic and for me this worked.  Anything creative like that for me is a plus. 

Monday, September 26, 2016

The Perfect Husband

Director - Lucas Pavetto (The Bastard Contadine)
Starring - Gabriella Wright (The Tudors), Bret Roberts (May), and Carl Wharton (Wrath of the Crows)
Release Date - 2014
Genre - Horror/Thriller
Tagline - "Till death do us part"
Format - Bluray (Personal Collection) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):
    I love reviewing movies if you haven't noticed that already.  Whenever I feel stressed or over worked I just slow down, toss on a movie, and let my fingers do the talking.  I sometimes buy films to review and other times they are sent my way to review.  The ones I buy are ones that I hear a lot about and want to see if they live up to the hype.  The ones I receive to review are usually new to me with little or no word on what they are about.  Perfect Husband is one of those films that I knew nothing about and was sent my way from Artsploitation Films.  The film looked bloody and brilliant so I was excited for it.  I received the press release sometime before I actually got the bluray to review.  Attached to the press release was the trailer.  Normally, I wont check out a trailer for a film I plan on reviewing because they usually give away too much information but I decided to watch it anyway.  I was floored by how brutal the film looked.  Thanks Artsploitation for sending this one my way.
     The film follows a young married couple, Viola (Wright) and Nicola (Roberts), who head out into the wilderness for a little get away in a cabin after a troubling incident.  She is reluctant and is very cautious when he is near almost as if he abuses her but it is unclear.  He is overly nice with her at first but he starts to suspect something of her and turns hostile at times.  He leaves her for a bit and soon finds her in the woods with the local police when he returns.  He takes charge and lets the police leave where he batters her and accuses her of sleeping with the officer.  He beats her and ties her to the bed but she is able to escape and flee into the woods.  She gains some ground between her husband and herself and before long comes to a camp.  She meets a man living in an R.V. who then proceeds to rape her.  She tries to fight him off but is unable to do so.  Her husband arrives and buries an ax in his chest.  She is able to get free and flee again before he once again gets to her.  They rumble for some time before we are taken to a psych ward and learn the real story between the married couple.
     My first impression of The Perfect Husband was that I would be a brutal stalk and slash but it was not.  It was actually a blood and dark psychological thriller that flowed almost like a slasher.  I was not expecting this at all.  The acting in this one is very well done.  Gabriella Wright absolutely nailed her character.  She was weak when she needed to be and chilling when it called for it.  Regardless of where her character went she was still beautiful even when she was covered in blood.  How many actresses can you say that about?  Also, Bret Roberts killed it as the bitter husband.  I could get behind any movie where he plays a sadistic killer.  He had bloodlust in his eyes and I could feel the anger in every scene.  They both were perfectly cast.  The story for this one is odd to say the least.  It was fun for what it is but it is predictable and there is more stale scenes than action packed ones.  You can see the twist ending coming which took away from the effect and the dry scenes only make this one a chore to finish.  Finally, the film has several on screen kills and a ton of blood.  The kills and effects are great.  The kills are fast and brutal and the effects work very well to pull them off.  Overall, The Perfect Husband could have been a modern horror hit but the story was not that well written.  If it would have been a more straight forward horror film it would have been solid but the psychological angle did not hit its mark.  

Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Twisted Fate

Director - Brandon Prewitt (Last Supper, Woods Within)
Starring - T.J. Ganser (Captive, The Ugly Parts), Becca Howell (The Funeral, Private Eye), and Jack Norman (Halloween: The Babysitter Murders, Campground: The Requel)
Release Date - 2016
Genre - Horror/Thriller
Format - Streaming (Online Screener)

Rating (out of 5):

     I've met a lot of people over the years due to Horror Society.  Most, if not all, are directors who I try to promote as much as I can.  I'll share anything and everything for these people regardless if its crowd funding campaigns, poster reveals, cast updates, film premiers, and sales.  However, first and foremost I am a film reviewer.  I help these guys and gals out but at the end of the day I will approach their work with honesty.  If I like it I will say why.  If I dislike it I will also say why.  I have lost a few friends over this within the last few years but I don't want to lie to what few readers I do have.  If I dislike a movie I'm going to say so but I will be respectful to the director, cast and crew.  Brandon Prewitt is no stranger to Horror Society.  His involvement with Studio 605 has put his work on the chopping block several time.  In the past I have reviewed his films Friday the 13th: The Curse of Jason, The Woods Within, and Last Supper.  All of these got positive reviews from me.  He recently reached out to me to check out another short, A Twisted Fate.  I appreciate Brandon reaching out to Horror Society and myself about reviewing the short.
     The film follows two employees who receive tragic news.  Conner (Ganser) was just informed that his brother, a military vet, was struck by a car.  The other, Riley (Howell), received word that her mother has just suffered a heart attack.  They both rush to the elevator to go to the bedside of their loved ones when they encounter an unusual man (Norman) leaving the elevator.  They rush in and hit the button only to find that the elevator is stuck with them trapped inside.  Their cell phones do not work and soon find themselves panicking when they can not reach their loved ones in their time of need.  After sometime their phones do work and they receive reassuring news on their critical loved ones but are then faced with something far more sinister awaiting them in the elevator.
     Prewitt and Studio 605 have turned out some great feature length films, shorts, and fan films over the years.  Their landmark film, The Campground directed by Roman Joassart, brought them notoriety in the indie horror scene and their follow up films and shorts only added to their reputation.  Any time Roman, Jack, or Brandon reach out to me about a new project I tend to get excited.  Sadly, this was one short I not enjoy.  It had some great atmosphere and tension but just didn't hit the mark I was expecting.  The acting in this one is great and easily one of the best acted shorts I have seen for a very long time.  Becca Howell and T.J. Ganser were great together.  They worked very well with each other and their chemistry is great.  Norman has a brief appearance in the film but his character is never really touched upon.  He always has a sinister look about him and seeing him listed as Death on imdb means a great opportunity was missed.  I get what Prewitt was trying to do but I just feel like Death needed more of a hint or spoken word.  The story for this one is more than your typical horror short.  We have thriller elements that end on a horror note.  Very few films can pull this off.  Sadly, I feel like A Twisted Fate missed it.  The film starts out like a dark thriller with two people who are brought together by tragedy only to face something terrifying.  I felt like another opportunity was missed once they reveal their tragedies in the elevator.  One had a brother hit by a car and the other was a mother who suffered a heart attack.  These are both common occurrences but what would have wrapped the story up in a pretty little bow and connected the characters even more  would have been having the mother suffering a heart attack while driving and striking the brother.  Riley could have kept that to herself after someone told her over the phone only to let it slip causing animosity between the two before the short ended.  Also, I disliked how the short ended.  We followed these two characters through some up and downs only to have the scene go black.  I know what is implied but why?  Death was in the elevator before hand and then boom...the big nothing.  At least finish it up with Death leaving the building marking two names off a list or something.  That way we know who Norman is and that they did, in fact, perish.  Finally, if you are looking for blood and gore then check out something else.  If you want a stylish short with some great tension and atmosphere then this one is right up your alley.  Sometimes story and suspense is enough to hold the viewer.  Boobs and blood are not always needed just recommended.  Overall, A Twisted Fate is a short that could be so much more but a few crucial elements were missing.  The ending was too abrupt and a crucial character is never fully explained.  Adding a few more scenes to the short to explain this would help this one out tremendously.  It still deserves a watch but it raises more questions than it has answers.  

Gore Whore

Director - Hugh Gallagher (Exploding Angel, Gorotica)
Starring - Audrey Street, Brady Debussey (The Sore Losers, Gorotica), and D'Lana Tunnell (The Sore Losers, Teenage Tupelo)
Release Date - 1994
Genre - Horror
Tagline - "With this girl, there is no such thing as safe sex"
Format - DVD (Personal Collection) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):
     When I write a review I start to notice patterns.  Either patterns in the films I watch or patterns in my review.  Either way, I see patterns.  Usually when I review a film that I give a negative score to I end up reviewing two more soon after.  I recently watched and reviewed the Legless Corpse film A Wish for the Dead.  I was not a fan of the Nathan Thomas Milliner flick as my review would tell you.  I then followed that one up with the SRS Cinema's release of Gorotica.   This was one of the films in the Hugh Gallagher's Gore trilogy.  The next film in the trilogy was the 1994 flick Gore Whore.  This one was also released by SRS Cinemas and handled by MVD who was nice enough to send a review copy over my way.  Thanks guys for allowing me the opportunity to check this one out!
     The film follows a former police detective turned private investigator who is approached by a scientist to track down his former assistant who stole his work.   He reluctantly agrees and sets out to find her.  He visits an informant at the police department where he learns that the assistant was once a junkie and overdosed sometime before.  He is able to find her where he finds her in the cemetery using a strange gun that looks like a dildo fucking herself among the tombstones.  He watches for sometime before he is attacked by the dead that has risen from the grave.  He fights him off and is then faced with the young woman.  She is able to overpower him and he soon finds himself on the run where he flees to the young officer's home to collect himself.  He then proceeds to see the scientist that hired him only to learn that he used his secret experiment to bring her back from the dead and she is now a living vampire.
     After finally watching Gorotica and being let down I was reluctant to watch Gore WhoreGorotica could have been one hell of film but the scenes dragged out for way too long and the story could not go the length of the film.  If the film was cut down and shorter it would have been a solid entry in the trilogy.  I was concerned that Gore Whore would be the same but I was wrong.  Gore Whore was a cheap but fun trip to early 90s S.O.V. horror.  The acting in this one is a little under Gorotica but was still enjoyable.  The cast showed a lot of dedication to their roles which made several of the scenes fun.  I really enjoyed that and watching them interact with one another.  They may not be winning awards but they showed dedication and you could see them learning in each and every scene.  The story for this one I was not expecting.  With the title Gore Whore I was under the impression it would be something of a sequel to Gorotica and follow someone obsessed with death and sleeping with the dead.  The addition of the SyFy like story following a science experiment turning someone into a vampire was very enjoyable.  It did catch me off guard and the addition of the "what-the-fuck" moments made it even better.  I could see Troma releases this because of those few moments scattered throughout.  Finally, the film does have some blood and light gore but nothing memorable.  We get a pretty rad looking zombie but that is about it.  I was expecting a lot more gore and bloodshed for a film with that in the title.  This was a huge disappointment.  Overall, Gore Whore is an improvement over Gorotica.  We once again get some great characters and a solid story but this one lacked the carnage the title led you to believe.  It was still worth a watch but don't expect a blood bath.