Friday, April 12, 2013

Bleeding Through

Director - Henrique Couto (Marty Jenkins and the Vampire Bitches)
Starring - Sandy Behre (Faces of Schlock), Ruby Larocca (The Cemetery, Zombie Babies), and Josh Lively (Faces of Schlock)
Release Date - 2012
Genre - Drama/Horror
Format - Streaming (Youtube screener)

Rating (out of 5):
     I love when I come across a film that has a plot like nothing I have seen before.  Finding an original flick is rather difficult when you consider all the movies that are released each year.  It is also very surprising when you come across a film that is so unique and yet you have never heard of it.  Que in this flick here.  I was watching videos on Youtube of what some movie collectors purchased at the recent Cinema Wasteland.  One of the guys grabbed this film here and I thought I would look it up.  I found the Facebook page for this film and got in touch with the director who was nice enough to hook me up with an online screener and for that I thank you Henrique.  
    The film follows socially awkward Lindsey (Behre) as she struggles with losing her parents, home, and boyfriend.  Her brother has been trying to help her keep her deceased parent's house, however, he can no longer do so and is forcing her to sell.  Also, her boyfriend can no longer stay in a relationship with her because she refuses to let him get close to her.  However, things change when she meets outgoing Katie (Larocca).  Katie attempts to bring Lindsey out of her shell and for the most part succeeds.  One day Katie invites Lindsey over to her home where Lindsey confesses her love for Katie.  Katie verbally attacks Lindsey before revealing that she had a guy hiding in her closet recording the entire ordeal.  Lindsey rushes home and slits her wrist in the bath.  Lindsey does not die but awakens a few hours later with a thirst for vengeance.  She sets out to kill all those that did her wrong including her brother, the sexually advancing college professor, her prick supervisor, the boy that recorded her confessing her lesbian love, her ex-boyfriend, and Katie.
     Before I go any further I want to once again thank Henrique Couto for sending me the screener to review.  I would also like to say that I respect all filmmakers for having the balls to go out and do something that will live on forever.  This review is for this film alone and not the filmmaker.  I had to say that before I continue because I personally did not like the movie.  The acting in this one is not consistent throughout.  In some scenes I noticed the actors truly brought their "A" game while in others the acting seemed to be forced or possibly rushed.  This does not mean the cast did a bad job because they did not, it just feels that the production team were rushing in some scenes.  The story is very original and could have been one hell of a flick, however, it does not unfold very well on film.  The first hour or so of the movie revolves around Lindsey and her awkward social skills and depression.  This is extremely boring for the viewers expecting to see a girl slaughter those that did her wrong.  This only happens during the films last twenty or so minutes and they are so quick we do not get to enjoy the great special effects.  This one does offer some very decent special effects but like I said they are so fast and so brief you can not really enjoy it.  I personally think that more time should have been applied to the revenge scenes instead of developing just how pathetic Lindsey is.  Overall, this film has the possibility to be a great film but falls flat.  Fans of Couto may enjoy this one but I do not recommend it.


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