Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Director - Shawn Burkett (A Shameless Revenge)
Starring - Haley Madison (Babysitter Massacre), Erin R. Ryan (Easter Casket), and Scott Gillespie (The Sleeping Soul)
Release Date - 2012
Genre - Horror/Thriller
Format - Streaming (Youtube Screener)

Rating (out of 5):
     Independent filmmakers have a lot of obstacles before them.  They have to make a film worth a damn before they are ripped apart by the viewer all while using a shoestring budget.  They then have to beg website hosts and various other credible sources to review their films so they can get some exposure.  I think that is just fucking wrong and degrading for the filmmaker.  Why should the production team do all the work so a reviewer can pick apart their hard work.  So I decided it was time for me to start begging the filmmakers for screeners so I could review their films for the site.  So far I have asked five filmmakers for a screener and all five agreed to mail me one.  This film was the sixth I asked and they gladly sent me an online screener.  I was personally curious about this film because it came highly recommended by director Dustin Mills.
     The film opens with numerous twenty-something females as they are abducted and brutally murdered by a mysterious figure in the 80s and 90s.  The figure bludgeons the young girls to death with a set of bolt cutters. The string of vicious murders stop and we jump forward to present day where they once again start again.  Pizza delivery girl, Quinn (Madison), is called to make a delivery, however, once she arrived at the address she quickly discovers that she was part of a prank.  She turns around to head back to the pizza parlor when she comes across a young girl screaming frantically about how she was abducted and raped multiple times.  Quinn gives the young girl a ride.  The young rape victim, Joannah (Ryan), quickly takes charge and abducts Quinn.  She takes her to an undisclosed location and ties her down.  Joannah cares for Quinn and tries to mend her wounds, however, due to the nature of the situation, Quinn does not see her kindness.  This truly upsets Joannah forcing her to unleash her pent up aggression on the young girl.  Joannah kills Quinn and reveals that she is the daughter of the original killers. 
      When it comes to horror films I often discover that I should not judge a film based on the cover art. The alternative cover art, the one I saw the most of, made me think the film was an 80's inspired slasher flick.  In fact, that was what I was hoping for.  This new wave of 80's inspired slasher films have actually been pretty decent for the most part.  After the halfway mark I realized this film was not a slasher and could have easily went the thriller route.  The story is very original, however, it did drag on in parts.  Most of the scenes were way too long and could not hold my attention.  The film is great, so do not take this the wrong way, but it could have been a lot more effective if it was a little shorter and the filler removed.  The acting was what you would expect from a film of this caliber.  The cast did a great job portraying their character with Madison and Ryan leading the show.  Both leading ladies did a great job and could easily make a name for themselves in independent cinema and horror flicks alike.  However, the rest of the cast showed talent, but also, inexperience.  Finally, the film does lack in gore but compensates with great practical and visual effects.  Gore hounds will not find what they are looking for here.  Overall, this is a solid flick that will definitely satisfy the most avid horror fan.  I highly recommend it.   

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