Sunday, April 7, 2013


Director - Christopher Lewis (The Ripper, BloodCult)
Starring - Patrick Wayne (They Came from Outer Space), John Carradine (The Monster Club, The Howling), and Bennie Lee McGowan (The Ripper)
Release Date - 1986
Genre - Horror
Tagline - "They want your body...or just a part of it"
Format - DVD (Personal Collection) (The Ripper Blood Pack 3 film set)

Rating (out if 5):
     When I first watched The Ripper I honestly thought I got burned on this set.  That changed after I watched Blood Cult.  Though the movie was not amazing, it still entertained for the most part.  I still had some time to kill so I threw in the third film in the set and instantly I knew this film was a direct sequel to the film I just watched, Blood Cult.  The style of the film was a lot different than the last but it was obviously a sequel with most of the cast reprising their roles from the previous film.

     The film follows a young man who has returned to town two months after the original Blood Cult murders to search for his brother's killer.  His brother was the husband of the sheriff's daughter and was murdered by the blood cult.  While in town he meets the older lady that lives on the edge of town that was harassed by poachers.  The blood cult killed her husband to try and force her to sell her land because it is near their ritual altar.  The coroner and dean from the first film are part of the cult, as well as, a state senator (Carradine).  As the bodies pile up the cult send a man on a motorcycle to terrorize the widow to force her to sell her home.  However, the widow has an iron will and refuses to sell and the two is forced to fend off the blood cult and fight for their lives.
     It is rare to find a sequel that is better than the original but it does happen.  This film is not entirely better than the original film but I did enjoy it a little more.  I did like it but once again this one is just like the first and is nothing more than a mediocre film.  The acting is surprisingly better and most of the cast, besides the returning cast members, are film veterans.  Unfortunately, their acting skills could not save them from the dreadful storyline.  The original film had a solid story that I truly enjoyed, however, this one goes no where.  They tried to extend the original but they had no idea where they wanted to take it.  I would have loved to see more back story on the cult but the writer and director decided they had other plans.  Finally, the film has decent special effects that are on the same level as the first film.  Who ever it was behind the special effects is extremely talented and I hope they went on to make a name for themselves.  Overall, this is a film that deserves at least one watch but has no replay value what so ever.  Give it a go but don't buy it.

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