Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Applecart - 5 minute preview teaser


Dustin Wayde Mills has completed several films this year already, and he just finished his latest Crumpleshack work - APPLECART.  He was kind enough to share the 5 minute teaser trailer with me so I could have a sneak preview.

This is some next level shit.  Sleazy, exploitative, violent, dark psychological horror filled the 5 minutes my eyes spent glued to the screen.  This film looks absolutely gorgeous in black and white.  The story is told through sound, gestures, and emotions in the eyes.  All the actors wear plain white masks, and there is no dialog.  Some dirty things are going to happen within this sick slick flick.  In these 300 seconds, I witnessed degradation, humiliation, despair, perversion, bondage, bludgeoning, breasts, nipples, bush, dick, and jizz.

I'm stoked for the official release, now available for preorder at the link below. Check it out and grab a dvd, limited blu, or both!  If you can do blu, I'd recommend it - this ones a beauty and you can soak in the high definition!

I will certainly update this review to reflect the full film as soon as I'm able to see it. 



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