Monday, November 17, 2014


Director - Ryan Nicholson (Hanger, Gutterballs)
Starring - Nick Principe (Laid to Rest, Madison County), Aidan Dee (Supernatural, Caprica), and Momona Komagata (Werewolves from Space, MonkeyMania)
Release Date - 2014
Genre - Horror
Tagline - "A new leash on life"
Format - DVD (Personal Collection) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):
     Sometimes I come across a filmmaker that has been making ripples in the indie horror scene.  For a few years now I have heard nothing but praises about director Ryan Nicholson and his films. I had heard of the films Gutterballs and Hangar and a lot of my friends praised them both.  I attempted to buy both films a few years back and something always seemed to come up so I just gave up on trying to order them.  However, a few months back I caught news that Nicholson was working on a new film titled Collar.  This inspired me to start buying his films again.  I slowly started ordering his movies when I was surprised to find a screener of Collar in my mailbox courtesy of MVD.  Thanks guys!
     The film follows a Satanic homeless man who murders and rapes anyone who comes near his shack.  He kills and rapes several prostitutes and homeless people while a pair of men record him on their phone Bum Fights style.  One of the prostitutes escapes and tells her pimp who sets out to find the bum with his goon.  Things take an unexpected turn when the Satanic bum nabs a lesbian cop and tortures her awhile.  The two men fight about what they should do now that the police is involved and one of the men kills the other so he can cash in on his footage.  He then tries to control the bum with a taser.  Sadly, that doesn't work and the bum goes on a killing spree when the pimp arrives with his goon and prostitute, along with the cop's pregnant lover. 
     I have seen a lot of brutal horror films over the years but very few are able to tell a story while keeping a high level of brutality.  Having a gory film just for the sake of being gory ends up being a shitty film with gore.  Nicholson's Collar is able to do that and that is a triumph when dealing with indie horror.  I love when I watch a movie and it is relentless and still follows a coherent story regardless of how weak the story really is.  The acting in this film is great.  Every character felt real and that made the film even more disgusting.  I actually felt bad for many of the victims in the film and that is saying something.  However, the real star of the film is Nick Principe who plays the Satanic bum Massive.  He plays a convincing mass murderer and rapist which is a testament to his acting ability.  The story for this one is very simple and very effective.  There is nothing complex going on but the film is so fast and relentless that you get pulled in and can't take your eyes off it.  A good filmmaker can turn any story into something amazing and that is what Nicholson did here.  Finally, the kills in this film is brutal.  Nicholson gives us some great on screen kills with spectacular special effects.  I was really impressed with the special effects we did get.  Overall, Collar is as savage as it is relentless.  Fans of great gore and amazing kill scenes need to check this one out.  This film has definitely turned me into a Plotdigger fan!

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