Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Hornet's Sting And The Hell It's Caused

The Hornet's Sting and the Hell It Caused (2014)

Directed by:  Dustin Mills
Starring:  Joni Durian, Allison Egan, Minnie Grey, Dave Parker

Format:  Personal Collection NTSC:  Region 1 Client List Edition

Sexy, sleazy, cruel chunks of filth are known to spew forth from the maw of the beast that is Crumpleshack Films (Her Name Was Torment, Snuffet).  The madman behind all this is Dustin Wayde Mills, also of DMP (Kill That Bitch, Easter Casket, Zombie A-Hole).  Crumpleshack allows him to channel the dark side of the force to make twisted and strange films which bring out his wickedness.

Hornet's Sting is no exception.  He just kinda sprung this one on us, we didn't see it coming.  Its no surprise considering the man's work ethic.  He puts out several films a year and does them with little-to-no budget. The story on this one is simple.  A photographer likes to get a little rough with her subjects.  Well, actually, a lot more than rough.  So she tortures and kills them, all the while filming and taking pics to compliment and document her cruelty.

The photography element of the camerawork adds in a dash of creativity to pepper this film.  I think it brings out a flavor that is often aspired to, but seldom achieved.  It has something different and classy which gives this film its vibe from the beginning. That lets you know right off the bat that its going to take you places.

Gun and camera intimidating,  the victim broken and defeated.  Photos snapping,  pink bondage gear adorns naked bodies.  This POV part is is awesome and a great way to start the journey...  and what a descent into madness and desperation it is!

There are a few different phases to this film and I don't want to give them all away.  However,  I need to tell you that the psychedelic part is great.  The imagery that it conjures is wonderful.  I would love some prints from it to hang on my wall.  This part is one of a few which really show that Hornet's Sting is an artistic expression and not just some softcore exploitation.

There is a lot of nudity in this film,  and it's full on - tits,  ass,  mound,  and even some man parts. I kinda feel like vulva would have been very appropriate since there's more than a few seconds of cock and balls - but hey,  that's just my opinion.

This is a Crumpleshack joint,  so there is also a good bit of blood.  The fx look convincing and Mills doesn't disappoint. There is a scene where Freya's bloody face combines with the hatred in her eyes and she looks insane.

The overall feel here is loss of control,  objectification,  and humiliation.  Rose does all this to get the pics to sell to her clients. The killer thing about the photos taken in the movie is that they are real and the limited edition dvd came with a  photo book.  Now that is fucking sweet!  You gotta get on the mailing list to have a chance at shit like that!

Allison Egan is always a welcomed talent and she looks genuinely distressed during her mistreatment.  I wonder if it was the moth?  Seriously though, her facial expressions and the emptiness in her eyes make it believable. I did like seeing the gun in Mr. Parka's mouth.  Joni Durian nails the victim/protagonist/heroine to the floor as Freya.  Minnie Grey plays the sadistic Rose. She also has a yummy "solo" scene.

I have to say this one is recommended and has already gotten multiple watches from me.  If your into exploitation, and you're up for some additional flair to your sleaze, you can't go wrong here.


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