Friday, March 3, 2017

Classical Romance

Director - Richard Mailer (Pretty in Black, The Huntress)
Starring - Jacqueline Lorians (Anatomy of a Male Stripper, Little Red Riding Hood), Paul Thomas (The Twilight Zone: Porn Parody, The Devil in Miss Jones: The Resurrection), and Desiree Lane (Street Heat, Hot Flashes)
Release Date - 1984
Genre - Drama
Tagline - "There was magic in her fingers...feel her passion"
Format - DVD (Personal Collection) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):
     Ok, one more sleazy flick can't hurt.  After I watched Counter Clockwise I wanted to see some sleaze so I ventured over to Vinegar Syndrome's Peekarama double feature with Physical Attraction and Classical Romance.  Physical Attraction looked promising but it didn't quite go the distance.  The women were smoking hot - hotter than most of the 80 porns/sexploitation flicks that I have seen in the past but the story was rather boring.  I had high hopes for Classical Romance but a feel deep down in my gut made me believe that the film would be more like Physical Attraction than I would have liked.  I want to than Vin Syn for sending this one my way!
     The film follows an aspiring musician with a knack for the piano who has a very important rehearsal approaching.  Her performs nightly at a local lounge as a way to earn income but when he meets a beautiful young lady his life is forever changed.  He falls completely in love with her and she begins to enlighten him sexually.  He is then forced to pick between his passion or the love of his life.

     When I tossed in Physical Attraction and Classical Romance I was expecting some sleaze with minimal story but what I actually got was two sleazy films with some decent acting and virtually no story what so ever.  Both stories combined may equal a film that could be the length of a feature film.  The acting in this one is just as good as PA.  The cast actually shows a tremendous amount of on screen talent and experience resulting in some pretty fun scenes.  Their characters are vibrant and the viewer easily gets absorbs in their performances.  The story for this one is solid for a sexplitation/porn film but does not have enough substance to go the film's running time.  It would have worked for a sex scene or two but for a feature length it falls flat.  Finally, no blood or gore in this one.  Instead, we get more beautiful curves and hot sex scenes.  Overall, Classical Romance is another sleazy flick from Vin Syn but the story is lacking.  A little more added to it and this one would be a sexploitation film for the ages.

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