Thursday, March 30, 2017

Nigrum Corvis

Director - Roman Jossart (The Campground, Campground: The Requel)
Starring - Brady Myers and Adam Atherton
Release Date - 2017
Genre - Horror
Format - Streaming

Rating (out of 5):
     I owe a lot to indie director Roman Jossart.  Back when I was reviewing for my blog I was tagged in a post for on the Horror Society Facebook page about an opening for a writer on the site.  I immediately jumped at it and emailed them.  A few weeks later I was emailed back and asked if I would like to join.  Obviously I did.  The first few months I would review movies I picked up at local pawn shops, Wal-Mart, and online but another writer on the site suggested that I reach out to indie director for press releases, news, and exclusives that I could share on the site.  I did and one of the first people to actually take the time to talk to me was Roman Jossart about his first feature The Campground.  Since then I have reviewed several of his films and the next movie on the chopping block just happens to be his newest short, Nigrum Corvis.  Thanks for sending it my way, Roman!
     The film follows a plague doctor walking through the woods late at night by lantern light when he is paid a visit by an unexpected guest.

      I find it difficult to review films that are under a certain length.  Normally, I wont review a movie if it is less that five minutes because it doesn't leave much for me to talk about but because this one is from Roman I will break that one rule.  The acting in this one is more or less not there.  The two cast members do a decent job but, in truth, there isn't much to their role.  They have no real interaction with one another until the very end and even then it is so brief that no one can judge the acting accordingly.  The story for this one is paper thin but it works for the way the film was executed.  The ending was not expected but I feel as if something this simple could be stretched into a much bigger film in scope.  Make it happen Roman.  Finally, the film doesn't have the blood and gore most of you horror fans want.  Visually, the film is fantastic and I feel like Tim Burton may had some influence on the imagery.  With that being said, the visual effects at the end was out of place and displaced the tone of the film.  Skipping that would have made the film end on a perfect note.  Overall, Nigrum Corvis is a beautiful film and the perfect example as to how Roman as grown as a filmmaker.  Check it out.

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