Monday, July 24, 2017

Love Camp

Director - Jess Franco (Vampire Junction, Helter Skelter)
Starring - Nanda Van Bergen (Call of the Blonde Goddess, Women Without Innocence), Ada Tauler (Call of the Blonde Goddess, We Are 18 years Old), and Monica Swinn (Female Vampire, The Demoniancs)
Release Date - 1977
Genre - Erotic
Tagline - "An inferno of warped women"
Format - DVD (Personal Collection) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):
     After making my way through three Severin flicks and the amazing Belko Experiment I was faced with another important question...what film to review next?  I looked through my pile of check discs and review copies when I came across another Jess Franco Full Moon release.  The last one I reviewed, Women in Cellblock, was a huge disappointment but I expect that from time to time with Jess Franco.  I'm not always into all his films.  Sometimes they lack story while other times they lack substance.  Women in Cellblock 9 lacked both.  I wanted to give Jess another chance to redeem himself so I tossed in the 1977 flick Love Camp and hoped Franco didn't let me down again.
     The film follows a group of women from different walks of life who are kidnapped by a group of military insurgents acting on behalf of a revolution and turned into their personal playthings.  The camp they are placed in is controlled by Isla (Van Bergen) who is ruthless and slaughters anyone that opposes her.  When a young bride is kidnapped on her wedding night her husband joins them in hopes of seeing his love again.  We then follow her as she plots with counter-revolutionists to stop them and free all the sex slaves in their possession.
     When I about a Jess Franco film I immediately think of sleaze, eroticism, and plenty of sexuality.  He really enjoyed the human form and his female leads are always exceptionally beautiful.  Sadly, a lot of his films lack story and are used merely as a vessel to show off the female form.  Love Camp was one of those films but he was still able to hold my attention unlike Women in Cellblock 9.  The acting in this one is not the best I've seen but definitely one of the better acted exploitation flicks to come out of the 70s.  The cast does the best with the story they are given.  Some of the scenes are extremely sexy and the cast comes to life but some of the more serious scenes are awkward to watch.  They cast stumbles and have a hard time finding their footing.  The story for this one is just like what we have seen before especially with Jess Franco.  We follow a military group in an unknown South American country who rape, torture, and kill women.  This tosses in a little love triangle and some anti-political angles that I was not expecting.  The story is not that compelling but mixed with the sleaze and nudity delivers a decent good time.  Finally, those of you that want gore definitely went with the wrong movie.  However, if you want a filthy and depraved sleazfest then this one is for you.  Overall, Love Camp is one of the more fun Jess Franco sleazy adventures.  The story is nothing special but the film is still fun as fuck.  Check it out.

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