Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Last Supper (2015)

(out of 5)

Last Supper (2015)
directed by:  Brandon Prewitt
starring:  Jack Norman, Tori Ahr
format:  online screener

The Short:  Short and sweet as they say.  Not a fan of anything under 30 minutes really.  And this is a perfect example of why.  Loved it.  Yes loved it and so I want more than 5-6 minutes like this one.  Questions, questions.  But in the end that's the charm of a short.  We have a masked killer stalking his prey.  Hovering outside and waiting for her to be too preoccupied with her phone call.  He slips inside the house...and there's where I end it. 
The Acting:  Not much too in in 5 minutes but nothing poor here.  The young lady spoke on the phone in the kitchen and outside the house and it was all very comfortable, no awkward pauses you often see in no budget filmmaking when actors are talking on a dead phone.
The Script:  I liked this short.  Well written for what it was.  The phone dialogue was nothing out of the ordinary a short chat with her sister etc.
The Gore/Fx:  Yes we have an ending gore scene you'll just have to wait to see.
The Shots:  Very much enjoyed the opening scene's shots from the eyes of the killer standing outside in the bushes. 
The Rating:  4 out of 5!  Loved this.  My only complaint of course is, "I want more!"  Highly recommended.

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