Thursday, October 22, 2015

Murder Collection Vol.1 (2015)

Murder Collection:  Volume 1 (2009)
directed by:  Fred Vogel
starring:  Daniel V. Klein, Damien A. Maruscak, Sonny L. Shannon, Matthew Plutko, Shelby Lyn Vogel, Sean L. Joyce, Rebecca Tronzo, Eric Schwartbauer, Aziza, Don Moore, Aymee Peake, Jerami Cruise, Fred Vogel, Michael Pacinda, Mike Driscoll, Mike Driscoll, Anthony Matthews, Jason Schneeberger, Lexi Jade, Scott Burke, Jason Kollat, Tom Smith, Steve Schofield, Tim Schofield, John Viss, John Ross, Will Guffey, Douglas Bell, Dorian K. Arnold, Adrian Alexander D'Amico, Dave Dalessandro, Michael Witherel, Jay Mattingly, Stephen Vogel, Kai Peter, Jason Spence, Harvey Daniels, Claude Marrow, Clint Brown, Lacey Fleming, Mary Shore.                            
format:  NTSC:  Region 1 - Personal Collection
(out of 5)
The Movie:  Fred Vodel does it again.  The Murder Collection is about an online murder site where people send their videos of murder for the site under the direction of the site's creator known only as Balan.  Very cool stuff on this one.  Several small "tales" if you will involving murder on screen.  Everything from a man cutting out his cheating wife's heart, to beatings, to kidnapping, and even an autopsy scene that is not for the squeamish.  Then again if you're squeamish what the hell are you doing watching a Fred Vogel movie.
The Gore:  Has a decent bit of gore here and the fx in the autopsy scene especially are amazing.  Definitely worth my buck as a gorehound.  Very realistic to say the very least.  Jerami Cruise deserves to be up there with Savini in my opinion for the brutally convincing gore fx.

The Acting:  More than believable here.  Every video looks quite real and the victims and killers all showing solid acting.  There really is no other way to describe them.  The man (Jason Schneeberger) murdering his cheating wife especially projected his range of emotions very well on screen.  This "Murder Collection" just has the same sense August Underground had.  Same natural feel to it.  The men holding the girl for ransom during the "Ransom" segment also need props.  This was the one that stayed with me the most after watching.  Very well acted.

The Shots:  Well the shots are from running home camcorders, surveillance videos, web cams this kind of stuff and each "tale" is presented in a different way.  More expressions of the surreal authenticity of this Murder Collection.
The Script:  Kudos Mr. Vogel for penning one of the best "found footage" anthologies I've seen.  Right up there with VHS.  Side by side.  The dialogue between the victims and the killers especially the "Bullied" segment was really quite familiar and I really identified with that one in particular.  "Ransom" was another favorite.  Three or four gangster style gentleman taking a young girl for ransom.  Beating her, raping her, and well this one was my second favorite just another great example of Vogel's sick and creative mind. 
The Rating:  Yep 5 out 5.  I really having nothing bad to say about this at all.

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