Sunday, October 25, 2015

Last Supper

Director - Brandon Prewitt (The Woods Within)
Starring - Tori Ahr (What are Your Intentions with my Daughter) and Jack Norman (Halloween: The Babysitter Murders)
Release Date - 2015
Genre - Horror
Format - Streaming (Online Screener)

Rating (out of 5):
     Studio 605 has been hard at it the last few years turning out several features and a few shorts along the way.  Studio 605 consists of directors Roman Jossart, Jack Norman, and Brandon Prewitt.  Sometime ago I reviewed the 80s slasher throwback The Woods Within directed by Brandon Prewitt.  The film was a solid throwback that was able to somewhat capture that look and feel that so many slasher fans love.  A few days ago Prewitt reached out to me to check out his new short Last Supper starring fellow Studio 605 director Jack Norman and Tori Ahr.  Knowing that Studio 605 never lets me down I agreed to check it out.  Thanks Brandon for sending it my way.  
     The film follows a young girl (Ahr) who returns to her home and prepares to cook herself some dinner.  She steps out of the kitchen for a moment when a masked man (Norman) enters.  He puts a camera in the corner of the room and then exits.  After a few moments the young girl returns and continues preparing her food when he sneaks up behind her and stabs her in the gut. He then proceeds to lay her on a table surrounded by candles while her intestines lay across her and the table top.
      I have seen so many full length feature films that try so hard to tell a story only to rush near the end and leave portions of the story out so they can make a certain running time.  I have also seen so many feature length films that are full of so much bullshit because they want their film to be more than a short.  Shorts are a great way to deliver a story in film format if the story just does not have enough substance to hold the viewer's patience for long.  Last Supper is one of those films that knew it's limitations and delivered one solid short that uses it's time wisely.  The acting in this one is hard to judge due to the way the film was shot.  We get a lone girl doing normal, everyday activities unaware that she is being watched.  There is little to no character interaction between the two until the end of the film.  Norman does a solid job with his body movement to built suspense but his performance is the same.  The story for this one is short, sweet, and something we have seen before.  We have seen several found footage style films following a man stalking a young woman in a home invasion setting.  One that quickly comes to mind is The Way of the Buffalo.   What sets this one apart from the others is that it is able to build up a tremendous amount of tension.  Very few home invasion films are able to do this.  Finally, the film has one kill that is gruesome in nature but is a bit of a let down.  The way the kill was shot we actually miss it and only get the end result.  The practical effects for this are decent but due to the editing we do not get to fully appreciate the kill.  Overall, Last Supper is a solid short that has some amazing atmosphere.  The film has some real potential to be bloody but does not capitalize on it.  Check it out.

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