Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Horror House on Highway 6

Director - Richard Casey (Horror House on Highway 5, Hellbent)
Starring - Joanna Bartling (Jersey Shore Shark Attack, 1000 Ways to Die), Misty Madden (Country Clubbed, 1000 Ways to Die), and Sean McCracken (Turn: Washington Spies)
Release Date - 2014
Genre - Horror/Comedy
Tagline - "Life. Dead. Whats the Difference?"
Format - DVD (Personal Collection) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):
     Most of you may have noticed that I am a fan of 80s cinema.  I grew up on the Evil Dead trilogy with Evil Dead II being my favorite.  This has driven me to dive deep into the annals of 80 horror where I have found some of my favorite horror flicks.  I have found several low budget, no budget, S.O.V. flicks over the years and discovered several more that I plan on seeing as soon as I can.  One such film that I never saw and always wanted to was Horror House on Highway 5.  The film looked like 80s cheese and I love 80s cheese.  Sadly, I have yet to see it but Brain Damage Films surprised me recently when they sent a review copy of the film's sequel that was released almost 20 years later.  That film, Horror House on Highway 6 looked like more cheese so I had to check it out.
    The film follows a group of college students looking into a mystery when one of them is injured.  They visit a derranged doctor in the basement of an old house where things get strange.  Things are not that simple either.  Once inside, they are unable to leave and in the middle of all the madness is a psycho wielding an ax.

      When I first received HHoH6 I imagined something a lot different.  I got the grindhouse vibe from film's DVD cover with a lot of camp.  Sadly, that was not what we got.  Instead, we got a film with no direction and a story that is impossible to follow.  The acting is hard to watch for this one.  Some characters are straight forward while others are cartoon inspired.  These two characters clash heavily when the cast has a hard time interacting with each other.  The cast really needed to rehearse their lines more and practice.  The story for this one is horrible and this may have been a result of the editing.  The story is hard to follow and left me wondering what the hell was going on.  A film can make the viewer think but the story has to be fluid.  This story is not and is very confusing.  Finally, the film does have a few on screen kills but they are very boring and leave very little for the imagination.  With that being said, the kills have minimal practical effects so the viewer does not get to enjoy the full impact of the kill.  Overall, Horror House on Highway 6 was not an enjoyable film.  The film felt like it was made to cash in on the small cluster of fans that enjoyed the original and as as a way for the director to get back in the game.  I can not recommend this one.  Hell, I rushed through this review just because I wanted to put this film behind me.

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