Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Scarlet Scorpion

Director - Ivan Cardoso (The Seven Vampires, The Secret of the Mummy)
Starring - Andrea Beltrao (Little Book of Love 2), Herson Capri (Kiss of the Spider Woman), and Nuno Leal Maia (The Prophet)
Release Date - 1990
Genre - Comedy/Adventure
Format - DVD (Personal Collection) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):
     My shitty movie streak continues as I work my way through the Werewolf in the Amazon collection.  This set consists of four film from Brazilian director Ivan Cardoso.  Cardoso is new to me but I was very interested in this set after I saw that one of the films starred Paul Naschy.  The first film in the set, The Secret of the Mummy, was a rough watch that I almost didn't finish.  I really tried my patience.  The second film, The Seven Vampires, started out promising but lost control halfway through the film.  At this point I was losing hope in the set so I tossed in the next film with low expectations.  This film was once again a let down.
     The film follows a rich bachelor who uses his money to fight crime.  During his crime fighting career he has came in contact with the Scarlet Scorpion over and over again.  This time they fight because the Scarlet Scorpion has kidnapped a fashion model who is actually in love with our hero The Angel.  

     I was not expecting a super hero movie in this set.  This set has not been entertaining but it has been surprising.  I was very shocked to find a mummy movie and a vampire flick but a super hero film definitely caught me off guard.  Sadly, just like the other films, this one was able to do anything with the story they were given.  The acting in this one is once again fun.  The cast are given quirky characters that could be memorable but have no development or last impression. This is not the cast's fault but it does make them feel like they are poor choices.  The story for this one starts out solid but can not follow up with the story they are given.  It starts out strong and ends very, very poorly.  The problem with all these movies is that the writing is bad.  Finally, if you are looking for blood and gore then you will be very let down.  This is far from a horror movie.  Sadly, its a piss poor attempt at an action comedy.  The action is barely there and the comedy is missed in the way the film is shot.  Overall, The Scarlet Scorpion is a poorly put together film with no action, no comedy, and the story falls apart about 20 or so minutes in. Another film that could be skipped.  


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