Sunday, March 10, 2013

Il Boia Scarlatto

aka The Bloody Pit of Horror

Director - Massimo Pupillo (Terror-Creatures from the Grave)
Starring - Mickey Hargitay (Lady Frankenstein), Walter Brandi (Terror-Creatures from the Grave), and Luisa Barrato (The Devil's Man)
Release Date - 1965
Genre - Horror
Tagline - "He was a homicidal manic who lived to kill"
Format - DVD (Personal Collection) (15 Horror Movies Volume 1)

Rating (out of 5):
     I wish there was a law that prohibits movies that suck from using bad ass titles and forcing the shitty movies to pick even worse titles.  This movie is one of those films.  I have looked over so many movie because they had shitty and unappealing titles only to discover they kick ass while I grab shitty flicks because the title was cool.  Who wouldn't want to see a flick called The Bloody Pit of Horror?  When I purchased this box set a few titles caught my eye and this film was one of them.  The title was pretty bad ass and my mind raced with ideas of what this movie could be about.  Nothing could prepare me for this flick and what was about to cross my t.v. screen.
     The film follows a publisher, a photographer, and a group of models as they travel the countryside for the perfect castle to be the backdrop of their next photo-shoot.  The group comes across the perfect castle that looks deserted.  The group break in to the castle only to discover that it is inhabited by a man named Travis and his two servants.  Travis forces the group to leave the castle until he meets one of the young models.  After seeing her he lets them stay to take their photos.  As the models prepare for their photo shoot they slowly start to go missing around the time Travis informs them of the castle's history.  The castle was once home to the Crimson Executioner before he was sentenced to death.  The group starts to suspect that it is the ghost of the Crimson Executioner responsible for the murders, however, they are only half way right.  Travis is obsessed with the lore of the Crimson Executioner and purchased the castle.  Travis and his two goons capture and torture innocent victims.  Travis was engaged before becoming a recluse and his ex-fiancee is one of the girls there to model and that is why he let them stay.  It is up to one of the men in the group and Travis' ex-fiancee to stop the muscle bound man from killing everyone.
     I don't know how many times I have grabbed a movie because the title sounded awesome and the movie would turn out to be shit.  After watching I Bury the Living I had big hopes for this box set.  This set had a few movies I have seen before and loved like House on Haunted Hill and The Last Man on Earth.  However, for the ones that are new to me I was excited for.  This movie does have potential but the filmmakers dropped the ball when the scantly clad females arrived on the set.  The acting is horrible and the dubbing is equally as bad.  I had a hard time figuring out if the film was filmed in Italian with horrible English dubbing or filmed in English and the audio track is slightly off.  Either way, it is truly annoying watching people stop talking and then hear what they have to say a few seconds later.  The story is mediocre but is very well delivered.  Unfortunately, this is the only redeeming quality of the film.  The story unfolds flawlessly, however, the characters, aside from Travis, are all flat and dull.  They have no identifying traits and at times it is hard to tell them all apart.  Finally, the film lacks on special effects.  The film offers clever torture devices but does not give the viewer any real blood, gore, or deaths on camera.  Overall, this film could have been a mediocre horror flick but chose to show half-nude women and a buff man in a hood for over an hour instead of anything entertaining.

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