Saturday, February 6, 2016

Car Nex: Storm

Author - Kerry E.B. Black (Shades of Fear)
Release Date - 2015
Genre - Horror
Format - eBook (Review Copy)

Rating (out of 5):
     This January and February has been strange for me compared to the last 15 years of my life.  Typically, I only read a book or two a year due to work, family life, and writing reviews for Horror Society but these last two months has been one strange ride for me.  I have been reading a full book every three days and a short almost daily.  I haven't read this much since I was in 4th grade and Goosebumps hit the store shelves.  One of the books I have been reading is the Car Nex series that was created by author Terry M. West with each addition penned by a different author.  The second story I read in the series is Storm from Kerry E. B. Black.  Thanks Terry for sending these my way!
     The film follows journalist Mariah Dawn who is traveling around Texas doing reports on haunted sites scattered throughout the state.  Her next stop is at the home of the 1965 Campbell Massacre where it is believed that the father of the family murdered his family before taking his own life.  If you have read Car Nex then you know this is far from the truth.  The house has been abandoned and is now on the verge of ruin.   She does a little snooping and finds a hidden compartment in the bottom of a desk where she discovers an ancient book.  She calls a friend to come take a look at it and leaves the house to look around town and talk to the locals.  When she returns she finds her friend's car along with another car in the drive way and hears blood curdling screams.  She calls the police but before they arrive she enters the house and discovers that her friend read from the book unleashing the evil carnivore from the nexus!
     As I have stated before, Car Nex by West is my favorite story of his and I love the idea of letting other authors expand his amazing story.  The first story I read of this expanded universe was The Mighty and the Merciless.  It was a fun sci-fi action story but just didn't feel like a Car Nex follow up.   However, Storm was a damn fine follow up that serves well as a sequel.  Black's writing style is very similar to West and is very easy to follow making this short very easy to read regardless of your reading level.   A good amount of detail was given to the story but not enough to take away from the broad picture.  So many stories fall victim to over detailing.  We don't need 20 pages describing how shiny the door knob is.  The story for this one is a great follow up to where the original story left off.  The only downside is the story is a little too short.  It seems like the second the story gets good and comes full circle it ends.  I could see this story being adapted into a found footage short following a team of paranormal investigators.  West, make this happen.  Finally, the story has several characters that are expendable.  The reader does not become attached to any of them and it's hard to feel a connection or sympathy for any of them.  Strange reading a story where you don't want someone to survive.  Overall, Storm is a great addition to the Car Nex saga.  The story is bloody and violent but lacks characters we can get behind.  Storm itself deserves a follow up as well and Black should helm it!  Check this one out.  

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