Friday, May 12, 2017

Bad, Bad, Gang

Director - Donn Greer (Alice in Acidland, The House of the Red Dragon)
Starring - Bert Davis (Without Warning, The Disco Dolls in Hot Skin), Andy Bellamy (Teenage Lovers, Strangers), and Rene Bond (Violated!, Betrayal)
Release Date - 1972
Genre - Exploitation
Tagline - "An innocent camping trip...bloodthirsty sex craved bikers!"
Format - DVD (Personal Collection) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):

     I have a lot of movies in my collection and sometimes I get a little too excited and find myself with more movies to review than I do time.  In previous years I would stop reviewing horror for one month twice a year and review everything else that was sent to me.  This was fun but would get boring before the month was over so I recently stopped this.  Instead, I toss this movies in whenever I can.  After I watched Frankenstein Created Bikers I wanted more biker mayhem.  I ventured to my collection and decided to go with the sexploitation biker flick Bad, Bad, Gang.  This one was sent my way from my friends over at Impulse Pictures.  Thanks for letting me check this one out guys!
     The story for this one is simple.  The film follows two young couples who head out to the lake for a camping trip.  The girls are very close to each other and sneak behind their men's back and fool around while the men are outdoors.  They decide to go visit the lake where they are abducted by a group of bikers who take them back to their place and have their way with them.  The men follow and are turned into play things for the biker's old ladies.

     I knew this film wasn't going to be anything like Frankenstein Created Bikers.  I knew it was going to be more porn that plot but the film basically skipped the plot.  The acting in this one is non-existent.  The cast is here to fuck and get paid which is exactly what they did.  I can see why they get paid to fuck because they are damn good at it!  The story for this one was tossed out the window.  The film follows a biker gang that rape women and men alike.  That's it.  The film does a great job at holding the viewer's attention even with the lack of a story.  Finally, as you could tell, this one is void of all blood and gore.  The film itself is more porn than anything but should not deter those of you that prefer exploitation to sexploitation.  Overall, Bad, Bad, Gang is a sexy yet simple film that has no replay value but does deserve a watch.  It is essential viewing for all grindhouse fans.  Check it out.


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