Monday, May 15, 2017

Lower Spirits: Episode Two (Bigfoot)

Director - Brandon Guiles
Starring - Brandon Guiles, Bruce Falcon, and Mark Ginter
Release Date - 2016
Genre - Comedy/Horror
Format - Streaming

Rating (out of 5):
      I recently went through a few fun films that were sleazy before I made my way through Vestron's Lair of the White Worm.  All were entertaining for different reasons and were mostly different styles of film.  I had the Vestron blu release of The Gate next up for review but decided to focus my time and energy into reviewing the web-series Lower Spirits which was written and directed by Brandon Guiles.  Most of you may remember my review from sometime ago where I took a look at episode one of the show.  I promised Brandon sometime ago that I would make my way through the show but just never found time until now with this look at episode two.  I would also like to apologize to Brandon for taking so long to get this review up.  Sorry about that!
     This episode follows Brandon as he partners with the priest from the first episode to search the local woods for bigfoot.  On their hunt they cross paths with a park ranger, Brandon's dad, and a local man full of conspiracy theories involving Russia, Sasquatch, and the Lochness Monster.  As they get deeper into the woods things start to unravel when they find themselves lost and cross several structures believed to be shelters built by bigfoot but does he really exist?
     I always feel the need to confess my love of cryptozoology and explain myself when I review anything bigfoot related.  I love cryptozoology and it is something I have been interested in for years now.  Hell, almost two decades.  However, I don't believe it in.  I simply don't.  I find the stories, folklore, and legends very interesting but I do not believe in it.  With that being said, I love most things centered around this wooly cryptid so when I sat down to check out episode two and saw it was bigfoot centered I was very excited.    The acting for this one is not the best but is decent for a no budget indie production.  Brandon Guiles and Bruce Falcon is comfortable on camera and work well enough together that their dialogue comes across as genuine but the majority of the cast is unnatural and awkward at times to watch.  Most needed a lot more experience and a little more rehearsal time. The story for this one is simple but does a good job at holding the viewer's attention.  Two idiots in the woods looking for bigfoot is a solid basis for any story.  Hell, I'd watch it if it was a feature length film!  Sadly, the story doesn't really find it's footing and starts to stumble by the half way mark.   The story really needed something else to help carry it the rest of the way.  Finally, those of you looking for blood and gore will not find any here.  This series is very story driven and appears to be running on a shoestring budget (like most of the films I review).  The shows does skip on the blood and gore but fans of Troma type films should get what they are going for.  Overall, Lower Spirits: Episode Two (Bigfoot) is a fun and unexpected follow up to the first episode but does lack the energy and imagination the first episode gave us.  It still deserves a watch so check it out!

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