Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Puppet Monster Massacre

Director - Dustin Mills (Zombie A-Hole)
Starring - Steve Rimpici (Alien Connection), Jessica Daniels (Zombie A-Hole), and Bart Flynn (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)
Release Date - 2010
Genre - Horror/Comedy
Tagline - "The felt is gonna fly!"
Format - DVD (Personal Collection)

Rating (out of 5):

     Horror films are simply amazing.  They can be bloody, gory, and filled with boobs or they can be aimed for children.  Horror is such a wide subject that can easily be molded to fit any situation or scenario.  Movies like Romero's classic Dawn of the Dead and Burial Ground offer the blood and guts while films like ParaNorman and Frankenweenie are only horror in spirit.  Then you find movies that fall somewhere in between.  These films are not for your serious gore hounds, your typical movie fans, or children looking for a little goosebumps.  These films are made to be fun and campy while taking the horror to ridiculous proportions.  After seeing the trailer on youtube for this film I knew this one would fall in to the latter.  The trailer is honestly the best trailer I had ever seen.  I watched it about 5 or 6 times back to back before ordering this film.  
     The film is simple enough.  A group of Nazi scientists create the ultimate fighting machine. They were able to create a creature that could eat nonstop and never be filled.  The creature could also grow after each feeding making it the perfect weapon to take over the world.  However, an American squad arrive as the scientists were celebrating their success and slaughter them all, except for Wolfgang Wagner.  He is able to escape as his wife and fellow scientists are gunned down.  We then jump to 1985 and young Charlie has been invited to a House on Haunted Hill style competition.  Charlie's grandpa is worried about the competition and his grandson's safety.  He knows Wagner is bad news but can not remember why.  Once inside the mansion, Charlie and a group of other local teens have to fight for survival against the flesh eating monster.  Wagner hand picked each person because they are related to the team of soldiers that slaughtered his wife and Charlie's grandpa led the attack.  Once Charlie's grandpa realizes who Wagner is he calls in a favor.  He once punched Hitler in the dick and the government owes him one and lend him an army.  After the creature feasts on numerous unnamed soldiers, it grows to imaginable proportions...that is until bad ass Grandpa kills it and Charlie kills Wagner.  
     I knew from the trailer that this film would kick my ass and I was right.  This film is absolutely amazing.  I love the mix of puppetry, animation, and cheap CGI.  I normally hate CGI but Dustin Mills is a genius and did it in such a way that the CGI folded perfectly with the animation.  I loved the story.  It was a nod to classic monster films and set during my favorite decade.  I also loved the nods to other classic films such as the original Night of the Living Dead and House on Haunted Hill.  The film mixes humor in with the horror creating a great atmosphere that does not leave a dull moment.  The special effects are amazing.  Like I said earlier, I really enjoy the look and feel of the movie.  The deaths are awesome and over the top.  I could write and write about how awesome this movie is but I will not.  You really need to go get your own copy of this amazing movie.  This movie is one hell of a ride that will leave you entertained and your underwear sticky. 

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