Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Director - Jay Levey (Al TV)
Starring "Weird" Al Yankovic (Adventure Time), Michael Richards (Seinfield), and Victoria Jackson (The X-Files)
Release Date - 1989
Genre - Comedy
Tagline - "Don't touch that dial!" "It's crazy. It's outrageous. It's the T.V station run by a lunatic!" "TV the way it was meant to be seen. In a movie theater." "A lot of TV stations have forgotten what "quality" means. But not Channel 62. They NEVER knew what it meant." and "It's crazy. It's zany. It's hysterical. It's TV according to "Weird Al" Yankovic."
Format - DVD (Personal Collection)

Rating (out of 5):
     Growing up I had a few Weird Al albums on cassette.  I wasn't a huge fan but I did find them entertaining.  Once I was older I started to really appreciate how clever he was.  When I was in high school a friend of mine found a copy of UHF on VHS.  A group of us sat down to give the film a go.  No one liked it except for me.  This is another film that is so bad that it's good.  I was able to find this little gem at Big Lots for $3 and finally threw it in for another watch.
     The film follows George Newman (Yankovic).  George is a screw up that is constantly getting fired for daydreaming while on the job.  After losing his most recent job, his aunt offers him an opportunity of a lifetime.  His gambling uncle won the deed to a local TV station and offers George the opportunity to run it.  George loves his new job and dedicates all his time to the studio and neglects his girlfriend.  She leaves him after he fails to show up for her birthday dinner, and to make matters worse, his studio is failing to turn a profit.  Disgusted with himself, he heads off to the bar to drown his sorrows.  He tells the janitor he can host his own show before he leaves.  Once he reaches the bar he discovers that people really enjoys the janitor.  George makes the janitor the face of the station and soon their ratings are higher than the other local station, a network affiliate.  The owner of the network affiliate tries to buy the station from George's uncle.  This comes at an opportune time because he owes his bookie $75,000.  George hosts a telethon in order to raise money so he could buy the station from his uncle before the competition can.  Through a series of events he does just that. 
     I really like this movie but it is definitely a bad one.  The acting is outlandish which only adds to the entertainment of the film.  Weird Al brings a whole new level of bad acting to the movie screen.  His acting is bad but damn is he entertaining.  The story is weak, but once again it does offer up some entertainment.  This film has cheese all the way around and offers some funny and entertaining parodies of blockbusters from this time.  The special effects are decent but nothing like most of the horror of the day.  Overall, this is a shitty movie that is not a waste of time.  You should definitely watch it.


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