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Director(s) - Adam Green (Hatchet & Hatchet II), Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2: Dead End), Adam Rifkin (Psycho Cop Returns), and Tim Sullivan (2001 Maniacs)
Release Date - 2011
Genre - Horror/Comedy/Musical
Tagline(s) - "Drive in.  Freak out" and "The ultimate midnight movie"
Format - DVD (Personal Collection)

Rating (out of 5):
     It is easy for a horror director with some success to dish out film after film of shit.  After the success of Hatchet and 2001 Maniacs I was worried it would go to both director's heads resulting in mediocre flicks (if we're lucky) being made by each director.  However, I am a fan of Adam Green and Tim Sullivan and gave them the benefit of the doubt and was pumped when I heard about Chillerama.  I do not know much about the other two directors but I went in to it with an open mind.  I knew from the cover art that this was a film you could not take seriously or you would not enjoy yourself.  I am fine with films like that because I am a fan of horror comedies and black comedies.  Because the film is an anthology I will review each story separately. 
1st Segment
Director - Adam Rifkin
Starring - Adam Rifkin, Sarah Mutch (The Seamstress), and Ray Wise (Big Ass Spider)

     This story follows Miles.  Miles tried to donate sperm but was turned down because his seed it too slow.  The doctor (Wise) gives him an experimental medication to make his seed faster like normal sperm.  However, there is a side effect of this new medication.  Whenever he is aroused he has a shooting pain in his nads.  He chalks it up to a vain twist in his balls and does not report this to the doctor.  This could not come at a more inopportune time.  Miles is going on a blind date and when he discovers she is a full blown hottie he has to excuse himself and use her restroom.  He squeezes one off and the seed grows to gigantic proportions and starts feasting on the locals.  The government gets involved and tries to kill it with spermicide but it does not work.  As the beast makes it's way to the statue of liberty, the government does the only thing they can before it impregnates lady liberty, and bombs the beast sending semen everywhere.  
      This segment was a hilarious homage to the giant monster movies of the 50's and 60's.  The acting was intentionally awkward giving that movie the not-so-serious vibe.  The story is not original, but it is funny.  What else did you expect from a story called Wadzilla?  The special effects are nothing special but I really did like the way this one looks.  This segment was cheesy and unoriginal but it was damn funny and extremely entertaining.  

 2nd Segment
Director - Tim Sullivan
Starring - Sean Paul Lockhart (Kissing Darkness), Anton Troy (Filth to Ashes, Flesh to Dust), and Gabby West (Saw 3D: The Final Chapter)

     This particular story follows Ricky (Lockhart) who is suppressing his homosexual desires while dating a horny beach blondie Peggy Lou (West). Peggy Lou wants Ricky inside her but Ricky just is not feeling it (literally).  However, Ricky has an infatuation with the leader of the local greaser types after he saves Ricky's life.  The greaser, Talon (Troy), challenges Ricky to a wrestling match during gym class and bites him on the ass turning him in to a teenage werebear.  The other werebears now want to kill all the other students at a dance forcing Ricky to choose between being with Talon and doing what he knows is right.  He, obviously, chooses to do the right thing and kills Talon with a silver dildo.  I can't make this up folks.
     Being a fan of Sullivan I was interested in seeing how this story would fold out.  It is no secret that Sullivan is, in fact, openly gay and this one plays heavily on that face.  The acting is great and the cast does a great job.  The special effects are actually decent as well.  Some of the kills and gory moments are not done in a horror style but more with comedic tones.  The story was decent but I think it could have been executed better than it was.  This one is made to resemble the beach films of the 60's and it does a good job of it.  Overall, this one is a little awkward to watch but is entertaining.

3rd Segment

Director - Adam Green
Starring - Joel David Moore (Hatchet), Kristina Klebe (Halloween 2007), and Kane Hodder (Hatchet, Frozen)

      This one follows Hitler as he gets his hands on the journals of Dr. Frankenstein from his ancestors, The Franks.  The journals are instructions on how to splice body parts from the deceased together and bring the monstrosity back to life.  Hitler succeeds in re-creating Dr. Frankenstein's experiment using the body parts of the Jews he has killed.  Hitler's goal is to use his monster,  Meshugannah, to take over the world.  However, Meshugannah is torn between his orders and his Jewish parts.  He turns on his creator and kills Hitler.
     This one is my favorite story in the film.  Though it does skip on the horror it does offer a lot of humor.  The acting is once again intentionally bad and awkward.  This segment relies on the bad acting and other cliches of films from the 40's and 50's.  The story is clever and funny and  I love the tie ins with Hitler, Anne Frank, and Frankenstein.  A lot of thought went in to this one.  Finally, the special effects are not the best but I love the way Meshugannah looks.  This one is hilarious and will damn sure entertain.

4th Segment
Director - Joe Lynch
Starring - Richard Riehle (Texas Chainsaw 3D), Corey Jones (Frontier Guard), and Kaili Thorne (Ice Scream)
     This segment serves as the entire anthology's bookend.  The previous three segments are films being played at a drive-in theater.  Each segment is tied together with small clips of this segment as we are introduced to the characters and the plot.  A drunk digs up his deceased wife to screw her.  Unfortunately, she comes back to life and bites his dick off.  The drunk hobbles back to work at the drive-in and rubs popcorn butter on his wiener wounds.  That butter is then placed on the popcorn that the movie goers consume.  Those that consume the popcorn turn in to horny, undead creatures that will dry hump you to death.  After everyone is turned in to the horny undead, a young couple must fight to survive.
     This one works great as a book end and does a great job tying the other segments together.  The acting is great and very well done.  Richard Riehle is amazing in his role as the drive-in owner.  The story is non-existent.  There really is nothing going on n regards of story except the other segments are playing through this one...and zombies.  The lack of story does not take away from this one at all.  It is still funny and entertaining.  The special effects are amazing in this one.  There is a lot of blood and guts, enough to make a gore hound wet his pants.  Overall, this is a solid segment and I personally like it a lot.

     As an overall film this is a solid outing.  It does have a few segments that are weaker than the others, however, it does not take away from the overall entertainment.  Check this one out.   


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