Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ready to Rumble

Director - Brian Robbins (Good Burger)
Starring - David Arquette (The Tripper), Scott Caan (Gone in Sixty Seconds), and Oliver Platt (Year One, Flatliners)
Release Date - 2000
Genre - Comedy
Tagline - "Sometimes two heads are simply more than one"
Format - DVD (Personal Collection)

Rating (out of 5):
     There are some movies that I have watched so many times that I can quote them from beginning to end.  Most are horror, but surprisingly, a few are comedies.  Aside from horror films like Evil Dead II, Return of the Living Dead, and Re-Animator, comedies like Halfbaked, National Lampoon's Animal House, and this film here are prime examples of just that.  Most evenings, after school, I would rush home and throw in the same VHS and DVDs.  Weekends were reserved for movies I have never seen before, however, through the week it was the same movies day in and day out.  When my VHS copy of this wore out I never did order the DVD until recently.  As soon as it came in I had to give it another go around.
     The film follows wrestling fans Gordie (Arquette) and Sean(Caan).  The pair suck shit out of port-a-potties for a living while fantasizing about professional wrestling.  The pair's favorite wrestler is WCW champion The King (Platt).  Gordie and Sean have tickets to WCW's Monday Night Nitro and witness The King get his ass beat royally by Diamond Dallas Page.  The King is then kicked out of WCW and sent home.  Gordie and Sean are devastated and set out on a road trip to find him and whip him back in to shape.  They are able to find him and start a strict training course for the out of shape wrestler.  Titus Sinclair, promoter for WCW, does not want The King wrestling anymore and has one of the Nitro Girls pretend to like Gordie to get close and keep an eye on them.  However, Gordie finds this out discovers her alternative motives and boots her to the the curve.  After a raid by The King and his two fans on a taping of Monday Night Nitro, Sinclair agrees to let The King have a title match at the next pay per view.  It will not be your typical match, instead it will be a triple cage match and the first of it's kind.  Gordie's family does not want him being a wrestler and forces him to take his exam to be a police officer, however, during the pay per view Gordie arrives and helps The King win his match and his title back.
     Some films do not need the in depth storyline or amazing actors to be great.  Sometimes less is more and this is one of those times.  I love this movie for so many reasons.  When I was in middle school I loved WCW while the rest of my friends were fans of WWF.  I liked the wrestlers and storyline a lot more with WCW.  I am also a fan of David Arquette.  Most of his movies that I have seen are always fun to watch and never tire.  The acting is great which really helps develop the story.  The actors did a great job at portraying their characters.  The story is nothing award winning but is entertaining none-the-less.  The film offers a lot of great laughs and funny moments.  Overall, this is a great comedy from a sport that I personally think died a long time ago.  It is a shame that this movie is not more well known.  I highly recommend this comedy classic.

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