Monday, February 11, 2013

My Mom's A Werewolf

Director - Michael Fischa (Deadtime Stories and Deadtime Stories 2)
Starring - Susan Blakely (Over the Top), John Saxon (A Nightmare on Elm St. and From Dusk Till Dawn) and Tina Caspary (Teen Witch)
Release Date - 1989
Genre - Comedy/Horror
Tagline - "Jennifer's mother is having an identity crisis"
Format - DVD (Personal Collection) (Rare Cult Cinema 12 Film set)

Rating (out of 5):

     The 80's offered up some of the most memorable films.  Some of the most iconic films and characters came from that decade.  If any of you are actually reading what I write then you know I love 80's cinema.  Horror is my favorite genre but I feel horror can also transcend in to other genres as well.  This is something I have said in other reviews.  I believe that horror can influence other genres such as comedy, sci-fi, and action.  I am not the only one that feels this way because the 80's was filled with comedies and children's films that are mixed with horror.  Films like Teen Wolf and The Monster Squad are perfect examples of this.  The movies are not frightening and not really intended for the horror crowd but do contain horror elements.  I really like films like that.  When I was young I would visit the local video store where I saw a poster for My Mom's a Werewolf.  I asked the owner if he had a copy of the VHS and he said he did not.  He informed me that the poster came in an order he placed years ago and he just hung it up and never ordered the VHS.  I wanted to see it but I did not cry myself to sleep.  When I started collecting DVDs I looked around for it and found it for well over $100.  I refuse to pay that much for one movie and skipped over it.  I was recently looking for the movie again on DVD and found it in a 12 film set for only $6.  I grabbed it and was finally able to watch it.
     Lesley (Blakely) is a stay at home mother who is sexually neglected by her hard working husband.  He works all week and on the weekend he would rather watch football and drink beer then give her some mushroom tip.  One day while Lesley is running errands her purse is stolen by an unnamed thug.  A man with very sharp teeth, Harry Thropen (Saxon), is able to get her purse back for her.  She thanks him and heads off on her own.  Lesley has a ritual when she runs errands and always eats by herself at a fancy restaurant.  Harry arrives to have dinner with her and is able to hypnotize her in to going back to his place.  Lesley's daughter Jennifer and her horror obsessed friend was bringing her flowers to make up for her father's neglect and spot her with him.  The two follow her mom and Harry back to his pet shop and watch through the window as the foreplay unfolds.  Harry has a bit of a foot fetish and starts sucking on Lesley's little piggies before getting a little carried away and bites her big toe.  This snaps her out of his trance and she leaves.  After that incident with Harry her body slowly starts changing.  She sprouts fangs and her ears are now pointy.  Her daughter suspects she is a werewolf and consorts her horror addicted friend as to what to do to cure her mother.  Jennifer's friend does not believe her forcing Jennifer to try and save her mother alone.  This just happens to be the night of a full moon and Harry arrives to claim his bride.  Lesley is now a full fledged werewolf and the two beasts either are fighting or engaging in rough sex.  Can't really tell.  Jennifer is able to get in to the room with both werewolves and stabs Harry with something silver.  Lesley then returns to normal and the locals all know what happened.  That night as Jennifer prepares for bed her friend calls her.  After reading a Fangoria magazine she discovered that those that kill a werewolf becomes one.  Jennifer does not believe her and hangs up on her.  Before falling asleep she smiles showing her fangs.
     Most of the worst 80's flicks are somewhat entertaining for at least one viewing.  Not because of the story of the plot but because it brings back that nostalgic feeling.  This film offers up everything enjoyable of an 80's flick.  It has the big hair, the synthesized music, the cheesy wardrobes, and the great practical effects.  The acting in this one is pretty solid.  Saxon actually pulled off his role as a womanizing douchebag.  This was a different role than what I am used to seeing him portray. The story was very simple and really did not offer up anything special.  It was executed very well but was nothing really original.  The special effects are great.  The werewolves, when fully transformed, look 80's and cheesy and everyone knows 80's cheese is the best.  This movie works very well as a comedy but I think it tried a little too hard to be Teen Wolf.  Overall, this is a decent comedy about werewolves that does entertain the first time around but does not have any replay value. 

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