Monday, February 18, 2013

Porkchop 3D

Director - Eamon Hardiman (Porkchop & Zombie Babies)
Starring - Sam Qualiana (Porkchop II: Rise of the Rind), Kaylee Williams (Zombie Babies), and Rob Cobb (Zombie Babies)
Release Date - 2012
Genre - Horror
Tagline - "Get chopped"
Format - Bluray (Personal Collection)

Rating (out of 5):
     When a film is good enough to spawn a sequel the fans often meet it with enthusiasm and skepticism.  Fans are excited to see where the story goes after the first film but are worried that the film will not be the same grade as the first.  When the sequel spawns another sequel the fans often revolt.  In trilogies the third film is often unwatchable and leaves a very bad taste in the viewer's mouth.  I have seen my fair share of horror films and the sequels that followed so I know that fact all too well.  Some movies do spawn sequels that are just as good as the first, however, most do not.  After watching Porkchop II I had no idea where Hardiman would take the third film in his series and I will not lie and say I was not skeptical.  A few months ago after I watched Porkchop II I went ahead and threw in the third film.  After watching roughly 15 minutes of the film I had to take it out.  The 3D gave me one of the worst headaches I have ever had in my pathetic life.  After waiting some time Scott Gregg, one of the actors in the film, sent me a 2D copy of the Bluray signed by him and Stephen Hensley, another star in the film.
     The film follows the survivors of the previous two films as they try to track down, and kill, Porkchop.  The survivors are not the only people unfortunate enough to go for a stroll through the woods.  The one and only Burt Flemming is letting his nephew and friends use his cabin to throw a party while a convict is on the run with a search party hot on his tale.  Porkchop is not the only one butchering the unlucky bastards.  He now has a female counterpart, Pig Girl.  As you probably gathered from her name, she is a girl in a pig mask.  As Porkchop makes his way through the survivors, Heather (Williams), is able to escape and make her way to Burt's cabin where she shacks up with his nephew Teddy (Qualiana).  Even though Porkchop and Pig Girl are hot on their tales there is still time to have sex.  The convict makes his way to the cabin as well and holds one of the party goers captive.  After Porkchop turns the search party in to pulled pork he makes his way to the party where hell follows...
     Trilogies often start with a bang and end with a whimper, however, Hardiman was able to end with a boom.  I was worried this movie would not be entertaining and I was completely wrong.  If you want my honest opinion, which I assume you do because you're reading this,  then I have to say I like this one a little bit more than the first film.  The acting is once again amateurish and most of the cast can be seen in the first and second film.  This is good and bad for the film.  Some actors and actresses portray the same characters they did in the previous films, however, some of the cast portrays completely different characters creating confusion for the viewer.  Instead of creating new characters to be played by old actors the film could have been a lot better by using old characters and molding them to fit the storyline.  I also really enjoyed the storyline.  This film has more layers and more detail than it's predecessors.  Even though this movie does have "layers" it is still just a typical straight forward slasher and the story is not that in depth.  Finally, the kills are brutal, simply put.  Porkchop has more screen time in this film compared to the previous installments.  His appearance is also more menacing as well.  The special effects are also a little better than the other films making the kills even more enjoyable.  Overall, this film is a testament that Hardiman is growing as a director and I highly recommend this one.                                 

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