Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Last Breath

Director - Ty Jones (Rest)
Starring - Mandy Bannon (Lone Star), Ty Jones, and Ryan Lefebvre (Over the Shoulder of Sin)
Release Date - 2010
Genre - Horror/Thriller
Format - DVD (Personal Collection) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):
     Lately you may have noticed that I am trying to focus more on indie horror flicks instead of the major distributed flicks that I was constantly reviewing.  I have been digging deep through Facebook trying to find indie horror and thrillers that I had never heard of.  One film that I came across was the flick Last Breath. This horror thriller looked like it would be a great time so I reached out to the film's Facebook page and they were kind enough to hook me up with a review copy.  Sadly, when the film arrived I had to put it off until after Halloween due to my dedication to the holiday.  I put this thriller off until after Halloween so I could focus on my Halloween oriented flicks.  I want to take a moment and apologize to the Last Breath team for not having the review up in a timely manner and thank you for sending it my way!
      The film follows a married couple and their son.  The couple is struggling to hold their marriage together.  The husband has been seeing a woman at his office and plans on leaving his wife soon.  He also plans on buying a warehouse for a business venture and his wife goes with him to check it out.  They check the building out and start to fight where she learns that he has been cheating on her.  They then find that they are locked in.  They frantically start looking for an exit and find themselves separated.  Soon they find out that they are at the mercy of a mad man who turns their every action into unfavorable consequences.  They must play his little game in order to survive.  
     When I find a film I had never heard of I try to avoid reviews, trailers, and so forth so I can form my own opinion of the film and not have someone else's mix with mine.  Last Breath was a film I knew nothing about but the poster sold me on it.   I was hooked.  I absolutely loved it.  I had to see more of the film so I caved in and found the trailer on YouTube.  Sadly, the trailer did not do the film justice and made me think this would be another flick I would be writing a negative review for.  However, that was not the case when I finally sat down and check the film out.  I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw.  The acting in this one is very well done by the film's two leads, director Ty Jones and Mandy Bannon.  The two feed off of each other so well and their scenes together are pretty fucking intense.  I honestly think this film would not be where it is if someone else were cast in their places.  The supporting cast is solid as well but no one character stands out over the others.  They all delivered solid performances and are very consistent throughout.  The story for this one is a little all over the place and confusing towards the end but is still fun.  The film reminded me a lot of the Saw franchise that turned into something deep as the film progressed.  I really liked this personal touch to the film.  With that being said, the ending was a bit confusing and I caught myself rewinding it several times to make sure I didn't miss something.  The ending could have been better but the story is still solid.  Finally, the film is not one that is covered in blood and on screen deaths.  There is blood but the point of this film is to offer up some solid atmosphere and a thrilling story.  The practical effects is solid as well but they are used in minimal amounts.  Overall, Last Breath is one of the few thrillers that I actually recommend.  The film has an awesome cast and amazing atmosphere so check it out as soon as you can.  

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