Monday, November 16, 2015

Revolution 666

Director - Matt Jaissle (The Necro Files, 300 Killers)
Starring - Deanna Cockrum, Don Mature, and Adolf Mulzer
Release Date - 2015
Genre - Horror
Tagline - "He is the walrus"
Format - DVD (Personal Collection) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):
    Facebook is a fabulous thing when it is used correctly.  Instead of bitching about religion, politics, and Starbucks' cups, Facebook can be used to network with people socially...get it?  Social networking.  I joined several horror groups when I first joined Facebook almost 7 or so years ago now.  Most of them were full of catty men and women arguing about movies instead of discussing them.  I removed myself from these groups for years until I joined Horror Society and was introduced to several indie oriented horror groups.  I have found so many indie directors and movies since joining these group.  One such director is Matt Jaissle.  A few weeks back he shared news about his films and I helped share it on Horror Society.  After I did that he was kind enough to send over a few films to review.  Thank you Matt for letting me check these out!
     The film follows a radio DJ that receives a disc in the mail with Revolution 666 written on it.  He plays the song which awakens a zombie that is hellbent on ripping the guts from every living person.  The song also draws the attention of a vicious cult that starts singling out the disc jokey and his family.  The radio DJ is then forced to fight for answers while fighting for his very own life.

     Horror comes in many different types and flavors that go with any mood.  If you want a good, reliable horror film with some great atmosphere then you pop in a classic horror flick like Night of the Living Dead.  If you want a gory flick with tons of blood and boobage then you toss in Zombi or a good slasher flick.  In the mood to laugh then you toss in a horror comedy like Bad Taste and Evil Dead II.  However, sometimes you just want to shut your brain pan off and watch some violence without having to think.  For that you can toss a select few indie horror flicks or S.O.V.  Revolution 666 is one of those films.  The film was fun as hell but severely flawed.  The acting in this one is far from the best I have seen and is level with most of the S.O.V. flicks of the 80s and early 90s.  The acting in some of the scenes is very distracting while in others it is almost laughable.  With that being said, I commend the cast for trying their best and actually doing something that so many lack the conviction to do.  The story for this one is a Beatles' referenced filled madness.  The film has a lot going on which is, unfortunately, works against the film.   The film's beginning has a lot in common with the Rob Zombie film Lords of Salem with the radio disc jokey receiving a mysterious song.  The film then tosses in a zombie, a cult obsessed with murder, killer in a walrus mask, and shopping while a group of killers are after your family.  That is a lot to keep track of and could have been cut or made into a possible sequel.  Finally, the film has several deaths but most do not take place on screen and the viewer is only left with the gruesome aftermath.  This is a bit of a let down considering watching them die is half the fun.  Also, the film has a lot of gore with some decent practical effects.  The film has tons of guts that are fun and looks solid.  Sadly, that's about as far as it goes and does not offer up more than that.  Overall, Revolution 666 is a fun late night movie.  Grab a few beers and toss in some pizza bites and you may enjoy yourself.

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