Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Skull World

Director - Justin McConnell (Damned Selfie)
Starring - Greg Sommer (The Collapsed), Jason Pluscec, and Shane Patterson (The Collapsed)
Release Date - 2013
Genre - Music/Documentary
Tagline - "Take a trip behind the mask"
Format - DVD (Personal Collection) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):
     Lately I have been reaching deep into the depths of Facebook looking for films to review.  I have been getting a lot of heavily distributed films for review but I wanted to return to my indie roots and find flicks that are not that that well known.  My little trips brought me up on the page for the documentary Skull World.  Skull World is not a horror oriented documentary but a documentary about an interesting individual that I had never heard of before.  I reached out to the film's Facebook page and they were kind enough to send me a copy to check out.  Sadly, this was one of the few films that was sent to me during the Halloween season where I was trying to knock out as many Halloween oriented films as possible.  Soon as Halloween was over I had to check this one out.  Thanks for sending this one my way!
     This documentary follows three years in the life of Greg Sommer.  Greg is a lover of all things rock and metal with a soft spot for video production.  He created an alter ego in high school named Skull Man and when he puts the skull mask on he is the life of the party.  In high school he started a variety show and his love for cinema only grew.  After years of trying to do something with his variety show he comes in contact with a group of Australians who created a box-oriented combat sport titled box wars.  Think larping meets GWAR.  Sommer falls in love with the sport and tries to make his own Canadian brand of Box Wars with hopes of turning it into a television show.
     Before I watched Skull World I had no idea who Greg Sommer was, what Box Wars was, or what this documentary was really about.  However, after seeing this film, if I am ever in Canada I need to buy Greg a beer. Greg seems like one of the most down to Earth guys to ever walk the planet with a love for metal and a passion for entertaining others.  Skull World is a great look at that side of Greg and the world he built.  The film gives us a pretty in depth look at the business side of Greg which some may still consider play.  Greg has turned his passion into his career and the documentary goes to great lengths to show that.  The film barely touches on his personal life which makes this documentary a little one sided but does prevent it from becoming stale.  I don't care how many times he wipes his ass or what kind of bottled water he drinks.  With that being said, the film does feel flat and the topic just keeps rolling on.  The film flows very well but watching people discuss Box Wars can only hold the viewers attention for so long.  The film is also edited and pieced together very well.  Overall, Skull World is an eye opening documentary on how some people are able to make a difference all while having a good time.  I highly recommend this one.

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