Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pizza Girl Massacre

Director - Jason Witter (Hamlet the Vampire Slayer)
Starring - George Bach (Romeo & Juliet vs. The Living Dead), Amy Bourque (Love Bug), and Scott Bryan (A Guy, A Girl, and Their Monster)
Release Date - 2014
Genre - Horror/Comedy
Tagline - "She delivers"
Format - DVD (Personal Collection) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):

     The last few weeks I have been on a crusade to find indie horror films that have not received mass distribution deals.  These were the kind of films I was reviewing when I was first brought on to Horror Society and I wanted to get back to that.  I had more fun writing my reviews then.  These films always had heart and passion even if I did not like them I could still see this.  One film I found while looking was the found footage horror comedy Pizza Girl Massacre from director Jason Witter.  The film looked fun as hell so I reached out to the film's Facebook page and they were kind enough to send a copy my way to check out.  I wanted to review it for my Halloween series but time was not on my side so I had to put the review off until after the holiday.
     The film follows a theater group and a documentary crew as they travel to a cabin in the woods to work on their upcoming play A Midsummer Night's Dream.  The first night there they decide to drink it up and have a good time.  The documentary director orders some pizza for delivery and then stiffs the pizza girl.  The following morning they wake to find one of their cast mates badly beaten and bloody.  They bring him inside and assume that the director was the man responsible due to an altercation the night before.  Soon they all learn that the pizza girl is the daughter of the lady that is renting them the cabin and her family want to play a sick game with the theater group and their blood.
     Pizza Girl Massacre is one of those films that I was very excited to review.  The film looked like the kind of indie horror flicks that got me into writing reviews.  The camp, the puns, play on words, and blood.  These films were the type of indie films that I absolutely love and Pizza Girl Massacre looked like it fit right in.  For the most part it did.  The acting in this one is hard to muster at times.  The cast look like they are having a great time on set and it shows in every scene but some scenes look like like they forgot they were acting in a film and not fraternizing.  Some of these scenes slow the story down and really tries the viewers patience.  Also, there is way to many characters in the film and to make matter worse, the characters are not likable at all.  The story for this one is one we have seen several times before but the film is able to spice it up with a little cheese and pizza sauce.  We have seen several slashers and other horror films from the past that used this sort of angle.  Films like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Motel Hell, and so on has used this killer family angle but very few are able to make it as funny as Pizza Girl Massacre.  The humor is dry at times and some of the jokes fail to follow it up with humor but it is still a funny film for the most part.  What makes it so funny is the absurdity.  A killer pizza delivery girl is pretty fucking funny and I can't think of another film that has a killer like it.  Finally, the film has several kills that are fitting to the film.  Some are funny and follow the pizza motif while others are just standard slasher kills.  The practical effects are nothing extraordinaire but they did work well enough to make the gags work.  Overall, Pizza Girl Massacre is a fun horror comedy that reminds everyone why they love slashers in the first place.  The film is cliched, campy, and funny as hell.  I recommend this one.

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