Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Dark Angel: The Ascent

Director - Linda Hassani (Silk Stalkings, Pointman)
Starring - Angela Featherstone (The Twilight Zone, Soul Survivors), Daniel Markel (Dark Skies, Unhappily Ever After), and Cristina Stoica (Lurking Fear, Lurid Tales: The Castle Queen)
Release Date - 1994
Genre - Horror
Format - Bluray (Personal Collection) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):
     Full Moon is a common name in my home just like Wild Eye and Troma with one exception, Full Moon has been part of my life a lot longer.  I first found Troma when I was in high school with the discover of their flagship film The Toxic Avenger.  Wild Eye is a more recent discovery when I came in contact with them when I was first brought onto Horror Society.  However, Full Moon is a company from my youth.  I remember watching the Puppet Master series out of order with my cousins, watching Trancers with my dad when it would show on television, and my obsession with Full Moon's kid friendly Prehysteria series.  Not long ago I received a press release for the blu release of Dark Angel: The Ascent.  This 1994 Full Moon release was one that I had never seen before but owned in a horror set for sometime now.  I reached out and they were kind enough to send a review copy my way.  If I'm going to watch a movie for the first time it might as well be on blu!
     The film follows a young female demon named Veronica (Featherstone) who dreams of living in the world of man.  She is constantly talking out of turn and questioning the ways of the demon resulting in punishment after punishment.  She finds a secret opening to Earth and sneaks through it and arrives from the sewers fully nude.  She is able to find something to cover herself up with but is soon struck by a car.  A doctor at the nearby hospital tends to her wounds and soon finds himself getting attached to her.  He invited her to stay with him and that is when things turn bloody.  She starts going out at night and kills those that are sinning.  When the doctor finds out he questions Veronica where she reveals what she really is.  He dismisses this and accepts her for what she is.
     I really enjoy the mid-90s Full Moon releases.  Films like Lurking Fear, Meridian, Seed People, and Sideshow are some of my favorite still to this day.  I had heard great things about this film and it looks like it was made in the same manner as the others that I enjoy but I could never make time for the movie and when I had the time I would forget about it and move on to something else.  Receiving the blu was the perfect push to check it out.  The acting in this one is Full Moon perfect which means its far from amazing but nowhere near bad.  It is right down the middle of the road.  Most Full Moon flicks have a cast that have some experience but do not apply that or talent to their role.  They go through the motions with some conviction.  That makes for an enjoyable experience but no one is winning awards.  The story for this one is fun and fit the Full Moon catalog of the time perfectly.  Most of the films at this time were taking place in or around old castles and historic villages in Romania and this film makes good use of that.  The film is able to work that portion in as hell before moving the character above ground to Earth.  The film has some solid suspense worked in but it id mostly character driven.  The viewer builds a relationship with Veronica and the doctor and want them to come out on the other side together.  Finally, the film has some violent and bloody deaths.  The kills are well shot and allows the viewer to soak up the gore.  The effects are very well done and look great with the final kill.  This is one of the many reasons I love Full Moon.  Overall, Dark Angel: The Ascent is another fantastic film from the iconic Full Moon Entertainment.  The film has a good story, a decent cast, and some great fucking gore.  Check it out!

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