Friday, December 23, 2016

Drink Up Quick. Happy Hour is Over.

In the vein of '80s cult classics like Basketcase and Slime City comes Rotgut, a terrifying tale in which a group of unlikely heroes battle a growing horde of mutated, worm-infested mindless zombies! A seedy downtown bar on a quiet Sunday morning becomes a battleground for Armageddon when a batch of bad booze contaminates the alcohol supply of the local drunks. Carrying a mutated worm, the tainted tequila infects all who drink it, swiftly turning them into ravenous hosts for brain-eating worms. Luckily, an intrepid group of drunks, losers and lost souls is on hand to save the day! Chocked full of practical FX and gross-out gore, Rotgut is a must-see for fans of independent, DIY throw-back horror. Starring Whitney Moore (Birdemic!)

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