Saturday, December 17, 2016


Director - Bill Zebub (Night of the Pumpkin, Holocaust Cannibal)
Starring - Bill Zebub
Release Date - 2007
Genre - Comedy
Tagline - "Seeing is disbelieving"
Format - DVD (Personal Collection) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):
     Looks like this is going to wrap up my Bill Zebub triple feature.  After I received The Lost Films of Bill Zebub I knew I was going to see some raunchy, sexy, and offensive films but I had no idea to what degree it would be.  Bad Acid is just a film pieced together around a previously recorded interview with a drunk/high Peter Steele.  The film's story feels rushed and tossed together each day as filming took place.  The second film, Stereotypes Don't Just Disappear Into Thin Air, had some funny moments but still failed to offer up a film with a story that you could follow.  This was not leaving much hope for the set and as I went into Spooked I didn't have high hopes.  This one ended up being the perfect companion piece to Stereotypes.
     The film follows a racist young man with a strong willed wife who is pushing him to better himself.  He is unemployed and a friend stuck out his neck to get him a job at his place of employment.  He fails at the interview and is forced to work at a warehouse with another racist man who finds all minorities to be inferior.  However, when he dies while drinking on the railroad tracks he finds himself reincarnated as an African American and has to deal with others being negative and racist towards him.

Spooked tossed me for a loop.  Not with it's profound story and amazing plot twist but with it's title.  I assumed that it was going to be Zebub's take on the supernatural films of recent years but I was way off.  In fact, the film was titled after a long forgotten racist term for African Americans.  The film was offensive and actually offered up a somewhat linear story for the viewer to follow.  The acting in this one is, you guessed it, fucking horrible once again.  Zebub is one of two cast members that tries to step out of their own heads and give the viewer some sort of character to follow.  The dialogue is just said with no conviction and no emotions are shown at all.  The story for this one is simple and coherent though it is very, very offensive.  The story is brilliant if you sit and think about it and could have easily been turned into one of those touching films that shows you how much a person can grow mentally and emotionally if loved enough but that isn't Zebub's style.  Instead, it offends and is completely tasteless.  When Zebub is resurrected as a black man we could have seen the movie follow him and he learns to love everyone equally.  We don't.  Instead we get more racist rants and stereotypes being mocked.  Finally, those of you looking for blood and gore will not find it here.  There is a few death scenes but nothing worth remembering or entertaining.  The effects we get, practical and visual, are all cheap and almost laughable.  Overall, Spooked is another miss from the king of sleaze and controversy.   The film warranted a few laughs from me but that was as far as it went.  Skip it.  

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