Sunday, January 8, 2017

Robin's Nest

Director - Victor Bertini (She's Doing it Again, Gathering of Evil)
Starring - Samantha Fox (Warrior Queen, A Night to Dismember), Eric Edwards (Debbie Does Dallas, Night of the Living Bed), and Arcadia Lake (The Prey, That's My Daughter)
Release Date - 1980
Genre - Erotic
Tagline - "There's high flying action when the pretty little birds flock together..."
Format - DVD (Personal Collection) (screener)

Rating (out of 5):

     It has been sometime now since I watched a movie that was shitty.  Normally I see a shitty flick every three films or so but it looks like I may have broken the curse.  I had seen a lot of horror movies the last month or so and decided it was time to mix it up somewhat and get a little sleazy.  I turned to my friends over at Vinegar Syndrome who have an abundance of sleazy flicks to check out and settled on one of the Peekarama DVDs.  I have accumulated several of these over the years so I had to choose wisely.  I decided to go with the Robin's Nest/Bella double feature.  Both of these erotic dramas was released in 1980 and were both new to me.  Thanks Vin Syn for hooking me up yet again!
     The film follows a couple on their wedding night.  The couple looks as if they are madly in love but after some sex they quickly learn that the spark is not there.  They take a break from each other and got there separate ways.  The man meets a childhood friend and watches him as he photographs women who are cheating and blackmails them into fucking him.  She meets up with a woman and the two have sexual encounters sometimes involving another woman.
     I love a good sexploitation flick.  Minimal story, solid acting, sex scenes scattered throughout, and surprises along the way.  There is a good amount of these films out there that are shit but some are worth watching.  Robin's Nest may be nothing new or raised the bar but it did entertain.  The acting in this one is surprising considering the kind of film it was.  I was expecting horrible acting and quick to the sex scene but I was far from right.  The cast did an outstanding job at establishing their characters.  The characters are fun and really move the story along.  The story for this one is rather flat but it makes good use of it's running time by offering up boring dialogue.  We get scenes that actually pertain to the story before moving on to the sex scenes.  Once that starts you can watch the cast bang it out or just fast forward through.  Finally, if you are looking for blood and gore then you are in the wrong place.  However, if you want to see a well acted film with a simple plot and beautiful women then toss this one on.  It is well worth checking out.

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