Monday, January 30, 2017

Cannibal Corpse Killers (2016)

(out of 5)

Cannibal Corpse Killers (2016)
directed by:  Joaquin Montalvan
starring:  Theresa Holly, Joaquin Montalvan, Katherine Norland, Nate Philo, Chris Shumway, Dennis Haggard, Ron Jason, Evan Michael Putjenter
format:  screener NTSC:  Region 1

     Joaquin Montalvan is responsible for one of my all time favorite indie horrors Legend of the Hillbilly Butcher and to date I have seen all his films available.  He was kind enough to send me a screener of his latest movie CCK aka Cannibal Corpse Killers.  CCK is a post apocalyptic slash western slash horror film and I have to say another A plus effort from one of my favorite directors.  Joaquin had a major part in this movie and while mostly my opinion of directors acting in their own films is low Joaquin is just not on that list.  This movie more than any of his other films you are able to see him come out as an actor and I really enjoyed his antics there.  And of course then we have Theresa Holly whom seems to be a regular of his now and in this reviewer's opinion there is no question as to why.  Theresa is one of those actors who just oozes talent and presence on screen.  Fell in love with her on Legend of The Hillbilly Butcher and her part as Ruby in this one was a whole different animal.  Some of the acting varied in this but I really cannot call out any of them as bad, never once was I pulled from the movie from the cause of a bad actor.
     The story follows a small group of nomads in search of shelter amongst other things in the vast post apocalyptic world where there are hardly any animals or even living people.  I say living people because the world is now populated with zombies and cannibals literally everywhere they go.  The group is lead by Pike and consists of Scar, Ruby, Boots, and Slim a new member who helps the others on their quest for car parts, shelter, food, everything a person needs in a world wasting away by the minute.  The people they come across are all bizarre and some downright nasty.  The character Joaquin plays was by far my favorite, well other than Ruby of course, but Joaquin really like I said went all out with this role playing crazy very, and crazy he was.  I won't go much into the story so as not to spoil too much but our group fends off not only the zombies but various whacked out human beings and all the confrontations ended quite violently. 
     The blood and gore were great.  Kudos to the fx people in this gore soaked feature.  The blood was real, the guts, the chewing, and we even get some severed head action and a tongue being bitten and pulled out of a victims mouth right at the beginning.  I am a gorehound and any attempt to fit gore into any movie is good but this one really set out to bring out the red stuff and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.  There wasn't much in the way of music or a score but I really think that was best to show how desolate the world had become.  I am a huge fan of post apocalyptic films and this one kind of reminded of World Gone Wild which is an absolute childhood favorite of mine.  Make sure to watch for some homages to The Thing, Dawn of the Dead, and a couple others.  I am definitely a bit bias for Joaquin's films but this one really was very enjoyable and the end is just perfect.  Highly recommended for any fan of post apocalyptic stuff, gore films, or zombie films. 

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