Saturday, April 22, 2017

Fairy Tales

Director - Harry Hurwitz (Fleshtone, That's Adequate)
Starring - Don Sparks (Quantum Leap, Freddy's Nightmares), Sy Richardson (Repo Man, Sid and Nancy), and Robert Staats (Putney Swope, Night Call Nurses)
Release Date - 1978
Genre - Comedy/Musical
Tagline - "Some day your prince will come"
Format - Bluray (Personal Collection) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):
     Full Moon is one of my favorite companies.  I can remember watching Full Moon movies for years before I became a horror nut and movie collector.  There was something so appealing about grabbing their films at the local video store based just on the VHS artwork.  Full Moon also has a sister company called Moonbeam and these films were some of my favorite flicks to watch as a child especially Prehysteria.  I watched the tape so much that it stopped playing.  The sad part is that I didn't own it.  It was the tape I rented and rented it several dozen times.  I fucking loved that movie which opened the door to Full Moon and all they had to offer.  As much as I love Full Moon I never knew they had the rights to the 1978 erotic musical Fairy Tales until it showed up to my house for review.  Thank you Full Moon for sending this magical comedy my way.
     The film follows a prince who is tasked with proving he is a man before his 21st birthday.  He tries to sleep with several very attractive women but is unable to do so because he is in love with a portrait of sleeping beauty.  He goes through the forest where he meets several fictional characters like Little Bow Peep, Mother Goose, the prince who's genitals are turned into a frog, and so on while on his quest for true love.

     I had no idea what type of film Fairy Tales was going to be.  I thought the film was going to play out like a sexploitation flick that I often review from Vinegar Syndrome but I was wrong.  This musical comedy actually had me laughing at time and at other trying to figure out where the story was going to take me next.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The acting in this one is enjoyable but it is far from award winning.  The cast offers up some fun performances and comical characters and that is all we can hope for.  The story for this one has some laughs and are full of puns and erotica.  As I stated earlier I seriously laughed several times when I watched this.  Most of which were during Robert Staats scenes.  It was very funny and definitely written with some wit.  However, the film does suffer from pacing problems.  Finally, this film is void of all blood and gore.  The point of this film is to give the viewer large amounts of nudity, musical numbers, and humor which it excels.  Overall, Fairy Tales is a sleeper hit from the depths of Full Moon's catalogue.  The film is funny, sexy, and has a solid story that most can enjoy.  Check it out.  

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