Saturday, April 15, 2017

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Director - Gareth Edwards (Monsters, Godzilla)
Starring - Felicity Jones (Doctor Who, The Amazing Spider-Man 2), Diego Luna (Elysium, Vampires: Los Muertos), and Alan Tudyk (Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter)
Release Date - 2016
Genre - Sci-Fi/Action/Adventure
Tagline - "Save the rebellion.  Save the dream."
Format - Bluray (Personal Collection) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):

     I was young when I first watch the original Star Wars trilogy and when I was in elementary school the prequel trilogy was released.  I enjoyed both a little more than I should but fans are heavily divided on Star Wars.  Some people enjoy the prequel trilogy (myself included) and a good portion of people despise it.  I can see why they dislike it but I thoroughly enjoy it.  When Disney acquired LucasFilms a lot of Star Wars fans started bashing the decision to purchase LucasFilms but I was excited.  They had done an amazing job with the Marvel universe after acquiring it so I had a lot of faith in them to handle Star Wars.  Their first Star Wars release, The Force Awakens, knocked my fucking socks off.  I couldn't wait for another and when Rogue One was released I was pissing myself to see it.  I want to thank Disney and LucasFilms for sending this one my way to review.
     The film follows the rebellion as they find themselves in their darkest hour.  They receive word that the Empire has built a super weapon known only as the Death Star.  All hope is lost unless they can find a way to destroy it.  Thing turn when they meet Jyn Erso (Jones) who is the daughter of the Galen Erso (Mads Mikkelsen) who was forced to design the Death Star.  He sneaks out the plans for the Death Star and Jyn, along with a rag tag group of rebels, set out to get the plans or die trying.
     As I said earlier, I am a huge Star Wars fan.  I grew up watching them, spent hours debating Star Wars philosophy and theories, and reading fan theories online.  I really enjoy Star Wars but I was never fully sold on the story behind Rogue One.  Don't get me wrong, I was super fucking excited to watch it but how would the movie play out if we already know the outcome.  Sadly, it did not have the desired affect.  The acting in this one is phenomenal.  The entire cast did outstanding and it would take all day to hit every point I would want to make with the casting.  Felicity Jones did great as Jyn Erso.  She was a strong lead that carried the film on her shoulders.   Her supporting cast is perfect.  We get some amazing performances from Diego Luna, Donnie Yen, Forest Whitaker, and Wen Jiang.  The cast in this one if damn near perfect.  The story for this one could have been so much more but just couldn't sell me on it.  We all know the outcome of Rogue One.  Without them there would be no original Star Wars trilogy.  We know their fate and know how the film will end.  Knowing that completely ruins the movie for me.  This story gives us a full detailed account as to what happened and how Rogue One was able to get those plans.  It is a well written story that is full of action and iconic Star Wars references but knowing the ending ruins it for me.  Finally, this installment is just like all the previous film.  It is a visual feast full of beautiful CGI, visual effects, and practical effects.  The effects look great and some scenes were really awe inspiring.  This is one of the most visually pleasing Star Wars to date.  Overall, Rogue One is a great movie in every aspect.  It looks amazing, has a tremendous cast but knowing how the film ends ruined it for me.  This will be a turn off for some but for those of you that are not bothered by this then please check it out.  

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