Sunday, June 25, 2017


Director - Hugh Gallagher (Gore Whore, Gorotica)
Starring - Gabriela (Anal-Sperm Power, Barefoot Confidential 8), Rik Billock (The Barn, The Dark Half), and Paula Hendricks
Release Date - 1990
Genre - Horror
Format - DVD (Personal Collection) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):
     I didn't really know what I wanted to follow the RoboCop trilogy up with but I knew that I wanted it to be filthy and bloody.  I had a lot of films to pick from in my collection that I needed to review but I decided to go with some S.O.V. fun.  I really needed some sleazy action and cheap effects.  I had a few to to pick from and most were from my friends over at SRS Cinema.  Last year they released the two Hugh Gallagher films Gore Whore and Gorotica.  Both films had their moments and were part of Gallagher's Gore Trilogy.  Recently, SRS Cinema released the first film in the trilogy, Gorgasm.  This 1990 S.O.V. classic is a staple among the VHS collector groups on FB where it fetches a pretty penny.  I want to thank SRS Cinema and MVD for sending this one my way.  I really appreciate it.
     The film follows Chase (Billock) who is a wannabe detective tasked with investigating a series of murders involving BDSM.  His investigation takes him down the road of rough sex, torture, and the "ultimate climax" when he comes across an add in a bondage magazine.  When he follows up with the lead he meets a beautiful call girl who is offering mean the best orgasm of their a very expensive cost.

       The other two films in Gallagher's trilogy had potential and had some fun moments but had some rough spots.  I wasn't expecting much from Gorgasm but it still offered up some entertaining moments.  The acting in this one was surprisingly good.  Rik Billock was pretty damn good.  He was a strong lead and took control of every scene he was in.  Gabriela is extremely fucking sexy and great in her role as well.  She was great to look at and came across as extremely crazy which made it fun.  The supporting cast is decent as well making it one of the better acted films in the trilogy.  The story for this one is right at home with the rest of the trilogy.  Sex, blood, gore, and nudity is what makes these films so much fun and this one is no different.  In fact, this one is what set the trend for the following films.  The story itself doesn't really have enough to actually meet the film's run time which results in several dry scenes that try the viewers patience.  Personally, I feel the film would benefit from having about 30 minutes cut from it.  Finally, the film does have a few on screen kills that use a lot of classic camera tricks and movie magic along with some decent practical effects.  The kills are not that impressive and neither is the gore and we can blame the film's budget for that.  Overall, Gorgasm is a must for any fan for S.O.V. horror but the pop horror fan will not be impressed.  Check it out.

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