Monday, June 5, 2017

Violent Shit

Director - Andreas Schnaas (Goblet of Gore, Don't Wake the Dead)
Starring - Andreas Schnaas, Gabi Bazner, and Wolfgang Hinz (Zombie '90: Extreme Pestilence)
Release Date - 1989
Genre - Horror
Tagline - "Expect the worst"
Format - DVD (Personal Collection) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):

     As a collector I find myself often hunting for movies just because I saw other people sharing them in horror forums and groups especially once I hear how rare or hard to find they are.  One film series I have been after for years is the German splatter films Violent Shit.  I first saw someone mention this no budget abominations in the forums of Upcoming Horror Movies many years ago and since then I have been on the hunt.  You can purchase these films in stand alone releases fairly cheap but I really wanted the box set.  I found it a few times close to $100 on amazon and ebay and never pulled the trigger.  I'm glad I didn't.  Synapse Films recently got hold of the four Violent Shit films, along with Zombie '90: Extreme Pestilence, and released them in a brand new box set.  I reached out to Synapse and they were kind enough to send them my way.  Thanks guys.

     The story for this one is very straight forward.  We follow the deranged K. The Butcher Shitter (Schnaas) who escapes from the grasp if incompetent police officers and flees into the woods.  He then embarks on a murderous rampage killing people with sheer brutality and imagination.

     I was not expecting a brilliant horror film with top notch kills and an amazing cast.  However, I was expecting something low grade full of fun deaths and campy characters.   I wasn't greeted with that.  In fact, the film is pretty much a backyard horror film of the lower caliber.  This isn't a bad thing but this film lacked story or characters that the viewer could latch onto.  The acting in this one is some of the worst acting I have seen which makes perfect sense considering their on screen experience.  For most, if not all, of the cast this is the first time they had been on a film set.  They try their best to make their performances decent but their lack of experience is clearly evident.  The story for this one is straight out of the golden age of S.O.V. horror but without the redeeming qualities.  We follow an unhinged man wielding a butcher's cleaver as he kills and eats various people.  Simple enough.  Sadly, by the halfway mark we find ourselves bored out of our skulls wishing the film would break out of its repetitive loop.  Also, the characters are extremely boring including the butcher.  You would think that a film with no budget following a butcher running through the woods would have some funny moments or a character we would enjoy.  Finally, the film is overflowing with blood.  The kills are brutal and very impressive.  If I can say anything about the film its that the kills look great.  The practical effects are great in some of the gags and not so great in others.  For the budget the film brought some bloodshed.  Overall, Violent Shit has plenty of gore and insane kills but that doesn't carry the film that far.  The movie is poorly put together and can't keep the viewer from snoring. 

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