Monday, June 19, 2017


Director - Paul Verhoeven (Total Recall, Starship Troopers)
Starring - Peter Weller (Sons of Anarchy, Star Trek Into Darkness), Nancy Allen (Carrie, Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return), and Dan O'Herlihy (Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Death Race 2000)
Release Date - 1987
Genre - Action/Sci-Fi/ Crime
Tagline - "Part man, part machine.  All cop"
Format - Bluray (Personal Collection)

Rating (out of 5):

     RoboCop is one of those films that was a staple in my home growing up.  Not only was I a fan of the film but so was my brother, father, and even my grandmother.  This is one of those films I had seen several times and I honestly fall more and more in love with it each time I watch it.  In fact, it is one of the few films I can watch back to back with the other being Pacific Rim.  I absolutely love the film and enjoyed the second but I remember only watching the third film one time and really hating it.  When Scream Factory released part 2 and 3 on blu I decided to revisit the series to see if I still love it.  In regards to the first film, I do.  I really do love it.
     The film follows devoted police officer and family man Alex Murphy (Weller) who is transferred to a different precinct in Detroit.  While following a notorious group of bank robbers to an abandoned building he is shot several times and left for dead but OCP uses his body in their Robocop program to create the perfect military weapon.  RoboCop succeeds and is everything they hoped for.  He cuts down crime but when he starts looking into his past and the people that killed him he finds a conspiracy between them and the people that gave him a second chance at life.
     RoboCop is one of those films that I can honestly see myself watching until the day I die.  The film has so many great qualities that come together.  It has the great special effects and gore that most horror fans loves, it has a lot of action for those of you wanting explosions, it has an amazing science fiction angle for the nerds, and it incorporates all that into one hell of a story.  The acting in this film is fantastic.  The first cast member that always stands out to me is Kurtwood Smith who most of you may remember is Red Foreman in That 70s Show.  Kurtwood has playing a smartass villain down to a fucking science.  He's always great in his role and stands out among some of the best actors in the game.  Next up is Peter Weller who takes on the unconventional role as RoboCop.  He is a very convincing police officer and an amazing cyborg.  He does a phenomenal job at RoboCop and I couldn't imagine anyone else portraying him.  I also really enjoyed Nancy Allen as Murphy's partner.  She was a very strong female role that really kept the film up and moving.  Last but not least, we got an amazing performance from the late Miquel Ferrer.  It always upset me that his character died.  I couldn't imagine how the series would have went if his character would have survived.  The story for this one is very thorough and very detailed.  The film is definitely a genre mash up which is a huge gamble but this one paid off.  The film does an amazing job at blending genre from action, to sci-fi and horror, to even a little romance.  Very few films could pull this off and keep the type of story that it did.  It had great direction, pacing, editing, and acting.  Finally, those of you that want some amazing fucking kills need to look no further.  This film showcases some of the most brutal and gory kills you can ever find in a theatrical release.  We get toxic waste mutants, amazing gun kills, and even a savage knife to the throat.  The effects for these gags are fucking top notch and not easily forgettable.  Overall, RoboCop is a must regardless of what genre you love.  Watch this movie anytime you have the chance.  

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