Monday, June 5, 2017

Violent Shit II: Mother Hold My Hand

Director - Andreas Schnaas (Anthropophagous 2000, Don't Wake the Dead)
Starring - Anke Prothmann, Andreas Schnaas, and Claudia von Bihl
Release Date - 1992
Genre - Horror
Format - DVD (Personal Collection) (Screener)

Rating (out of 5):

     I spoke with many horror fans over the years that has watched the Violent Shit series and they all told me that the movies got better as the series progressed.  This is the complete opposite as to what typically happens with a film series or franchise.  The first film is usually a hit among the crowd prompting an immediate sequel with less imagination.  From that point the series usually spirals out of control.  Most fans say that Andreas Schnaas slowly grows with each film.  After watching the first VS film I can confidently say that he had no option but to grow as a filmmaker or find himself without a job.  Knowing that the films got better as we moved along I quickly tossed in part two.
     The film picks up 20 some years after the first film.  Karl the Butcher Shitter is now dead and his son, Karl Jr. has stepped up to fill his father's homicidal boots.  We then follow him as he works his way through the woods slaughtering anyone and everyone that steps in his woods.

     Though Violent Shit II was a little better than the first film it was still a snoozfest.  The film did not improve the acting or the story but the cinematography was somewhat better.  Either way you slice it, it was still a rough watch.  The acting in this one is no better than the first film.  The cast is eager to be on camera but puts little to no effort in at portraying a character.  Andreas Schnaas tries to make his character enjoyable but it is more of what he gave us in part one which isn't much.  The story for this one is more of the same with a few minor differences.  We still follow a homicidal maniac running through the woods killing people but the only real difference is that the killer is the son of the killer in the first film.  Doesn't make it feel like that much of a difference considering the same guy played both killers.  The story is virtually the same with the only difference being the kills.  Finally, the film boasts some pretty impressive kills similar to what we see in the first film.  The kills are over the top and very gruesome with some great practical effects for the most part.  Some of the gags felt cheap and rushed but for the most part they were very impressive.  Overall, Violent Shit II: Mother Hold My Hand is another let down.  The film has no story and the acting is horrible.  The only saving grace, once again, is the kills but that doesn't carry the film that far.  

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