Monday, September 28, 2015

I Survived A Zombie Holocaust

Director - Guy Pigden (Older)
Starring - Harley Neville (Ghost TV), Jocelyn Christian (Event 16), and Ben Baker (Xena: Warrior Princess)
Release Date - 2014
Genre - Horror/Comedy
Tagline - "Shoot. Cut. Stay alive"
Format - Streaming (Online Screener)

Rating (out of 5):
     When I was in middle school and high school I had started to leave behind my tastes for vampire flicks and found myself fascinated with zombie comedies.  I loved to watch My Boyfriend's Back, Dead & Breakfast, Dead Next Door, Dead Alive, and the Goosebumps episode Welcome to Dead House.  This is a phase that I never actually grew out of and still find myself checking these out today even with the huge influx of zombie flicks popping up every where due to The Walking Dead.  Several months ago I found I Survived a Zombie Holocaust on Facebook and was very impressed with the poster artwork and trailer for the film.  I reached out to them and they were kind enough to send me a review link.  Sadly, I completely forgot to check my messages after that and their reply went unnoticed until now.  Thanks guys for letting me check this one out and I am sorry I missed your reply.  
     The film follows production gopher Wesley (Neville) who arrives on the set of a zombie flick where he meets a barrage of characters including a closeted action star, a diva known the world over for nice hooters, a former athlete, and an aspiring actress stuck at the craft's table.  Wesley is trying hard to impress everyone on set but fails to do so over and over again after several incidents and a random boner during a sex scene which resulted in him being shunned and outcast from the cast and crew.  However, things turn bloody when Wesley discovers that the zombies are more than cast members in make-up and are actual zombies turned from consuming tainted water.  Now Wesley and the crew must work together to survive the night and not turn into one of the living dead.
     I love when horror and comedy collides in the zombie apocalypse.  Romero and so many others made some of the most entertaining zombie films and they were damn near perfect because they were serious in nature.  Too many films try to capture that sense of foreboding and dread only to fail.  With comedies, they never take themselves too seriously, and have fun with the idea of the dead coming back to life.  These films are generally fun in nature but offer nothing new to the sub-genre.  I Survived A Zombie Holocaust is another great horror comedy set in the backdrop of a zombie outbreak that offers some laughs and gore.  The acting in this one is great considering how cliched each character is.   The film revolves around a group of stereotypical characters that you find in every horror scenario and the cast does a perfect job portraying those.  We have the iconic bad ass male lead that protects the group, we have the nerdy but smart type, we have the beautiful and useless type, as well as, the smart and pretty type but others see her as ugly.  The cast is able to channel those stereotypes and cliches and turn them into a fun experience.   The story for this one is , sadly, one we have seen before time and time again but it does take place on a movie set that does make it a little different than the other zombie comedies.  The film also has tons of laughs and unexpected humor which is what is necessary to make a film entertaining when you lack originality.  Finally, the film has several on screen kills.  The kills are nothing that stick out but they are gory and fun as hell.  The film has some great practical effects as well that make these kills amazing.  Overall, I Survived A Zombie Holocaust is a zombie comedy that has more laughs as it does gore scenes.  If you like your zombie films funny then I recommend checking this one out!

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