Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Slimy Little Bastards (2015)

(out of 5)
Slimy Little Bastards (2015)
directed by:  Dave Parker
starring:  Brandon Salkil, Dustin Mills, Erin Ryan, Jeremy Ryan, Dave Parker, Keith Voigt Jr., Aaron Anthony, Matt Hudson
format:  online screener

The Movie:  This is why I love independent cinema.  This movie was just plain fun to watch and I'll bet anything it was a blast to shoot.  You get an anthology of cheese and slime all thrown up right in your face.  Add the fact that it was spawned from the mind of Dave Parker and you get one hell of a ride. 
The Gore:  Definitely some gore thrown around in this one.  The Slimy Little Bastards have to eat!  We even get to see Dustin Mills get his head bashed.  Nothing off the charts but enough for this gorehound for sure.  The fx in this one were innovative and effective especially the puppet/creature design.  Really loved the monsters in this one.    Simple and fun nothing more nothing less.
The Acting:  Brandon Salkil reminded me of the Master from Manos:  The Hands of Fate.  Not sure why but that's all I kept thinking when I saw him.  Brandon did a bang up job as the teller of the tales and love his facial expressions.  Miss Erin Ryan did her usual awesome job and she plays crazy very well as I've seen in Alone in the Ghost House by Henrique Couto.  Of course I'm bias with this whole group but in all honesty not one person in the whole movie brought me out of the movie because of lack of talent.  Jeremy Ryan kind of shined for me in this.  I've seen him in a couple other bit parts but here he played a major character and did very well at that.  Dustin certainly did his best and even had a great language accent that I was very impressed by in the first tale Organic Shit.  Keith Voigt Fr. was another addition to this star studded cast.  Well if you're familiar with this independent family community that is.  Keith was excellent I'm very interested in seeing more from him acting wise.
The Script/Story:  Three short insane little tales wrapped up with the host story of a very strange man who has an even stranger collection of creatures and slimes.  Not going into a whole lot of story for these three plus shorts but I will say my favorite was the second one where Erin Ryan plays a depressed young girl who is the victim of an experimental drug prescribed by a selfish therapist.  Well things get pretty messy to say the least.  I enjoyed all of the stories here even the host story.  Really not a lot to complain about.  Maybe I'm easy to please and like I said a little bias but I have yet to truly not like anything created by the Toledo family of indie filmmakers.

The Shots:  Lots of random shooting in this. Sort of dream or mind sequences flashed about.  I liked seeing through the eyes of the slime.  Probably a simple thing but that stuff was neat.  The crazy color lens flare sort of stuff in the Brain Busters segment was very cool.  The last little tale had some hilarious woods footage with some slapstick thrown in loved those scenes in particular during the Crusties.


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