Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Director - Stephen Lange (Junk Bonds: The Return of Junkbucket)
Starring - Jessica Aceti (Tammytown), Annette Auger (What the Funny), and Scott Baxter (Face of Evil)
Release Date - 2008
Genre - Horror/Comedy
Tagline - "He's not the garbage man, but he's come for your junk"
Format - Streaming (Online Screener)

Rating (out of 5):
     Well, a few months back I found myself in a rut where I kept reviewing zombie films and I said several times that I would love to find myself in a rut where I review slashers over and over again.  Well, lucky me has found that rut.  A few days ago I received a press release that Troma had acquired the distribution rights to the film Junk Bonds: The Return of Junkbucket.  This was a film I had to see.  I reached out to director Stephen Lange about the film.  Junk Bonds is the sequel to the 2008 slasher parody Junkbucket.  Those of you that know me on a personal level or read my reviews know that I fucking love parodies and slashers and it is rare to get a slasher parody.  I want to thank Stephen for sending both the films my way to check out! I really appreciate that.
     The film follows a group of twenty-somethings as they head out to a cabin in the countryside for a little booze, bud, and booty.  They pick up a strange hitchhiker and run into a crazy local named Coot (Stephani Thompson) who warns them about the horrors they will be facing if they continue on their path to the cabin.  They ignore her babbling and go to the cabin anyway.  While there the group goes their separate ways.  Some try to build up lasting relationships while avoiding former lovers while others try to get their bone pickled. Either way, they all start to fall victim to a local legend.  The legend goes that a young boy was born out of an incestuous relationship.  His mother was so ashamed that she drug him out into the woods. cut his pecker off so he can't reproduce, and left him in the woods to die.  Now, the boy has grown into a mongoloid man that kills everyone he encounters by cutting off their sexual organs.
     When I reached out to Stephen Lange about Junkbucket and Junk Bonds he told me that the film was severely flawed but his idea of flawed and mine is two different versions of flawed.  I have been reviewing bad no budget films for several years now.  After watching the film I could see all the flaws he was talking about but I did see a lot of charm and fun as well.  It was far from being the best slasher film ever released but it was even further from being the worst.  The acting in this one is indie rich.  The entire cast looks like they had a blast on the shoot and all the scenes show this.  They all bring a great deal of fun to the film but they all lack the experience needed to make a lot of the roles believable.  With that being said, my favorite performance comes from Stephani Thompson as Coot which is a parody of Old Ralph from the original Friday the 13th.  She was pretty fucking funny and really sets the tone for the film even though her appearance is after the mime murder.  The story for this one was intended to be a bit of a parody of the early 80 slashers set at camp but this one is not and is mostly set inside of a home.  The film felt very claustrophobic and didn't really offer up much in the lines of originality with the exception of all the castrations.  This was pretty funny in that angle and the characters, most of them, are very likable which really helps the story move along.  Finally, the film does have several bloody kills that are not that creative but they are funny to watch.  You know people are going to lose a dick but it always happens when you least expect it which adds some excitement to the film.  The kills are bloody, with some light gore and showcase some fun, practical effects.  Overall, Junkbucket is a fun slasher comedy that is rough around the edges and flawed but still delivers on the entertainment.  If you like no budget films in the same line as Troma then check this slasher out.

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