Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Invalid (2015)

(out of 5)
Invalid (2015)
directed by:  Dustin Mills
starring:  Joni Durian, Brandon Salkil, Dave Parker, Dustin Mills, Reagan Root, Corella, Waring, Bambi Bodette, Circes Tate
format:  Online Screener

The Movie:  Well geez here we go.  This nod to the giallo films of Argento and Bava by Dustin Mills is just a fantastic journey into the mind of psycho.  Was it Andrew?  Was it Agnes?  As a lover of both Argento and Bava and basically all the giallo films of the 60's and 70's I was like a kid in a candy store while watching this movie.  The phone voices, the colors, the close-ups, even the rain jacket all thrown together creating a perfect indie giallo exercise.  And man did I love it.  When Dustin posted he wanted reviews well I just couldn't pass it up and also I'm an addict for the man's artistic view. 
The Acting:  Dustin's people are generally pretty good.  No change in that here.  As a big fan of Brandon Salkil I am never not wowed by his performance.  In this he lays there most of the time looking rather unpleasant in a coma of sorts and the other times...psychotic.  Brandon's simple dead stare is just rather unnerving.  Joni Durian...wow what can I say about her performance other than spectacular.  She has been this way since I saw Alone in the Ghost House by Henrique Couto.  Just slams everything she's in right to the wall.  Can't wait to see more from her.  Dave Parker also made an appearance as Andrew's nurse Daryl.  Dave's got natural ability in front of the camera maybe from all of his Mr. Parka video reviews not sure but either way the way does his job well.  Dustin also made a starring role in this as Daryl's best friend.  I definitely found myself laughing while he and Daryl joked around about this and that throughout breaks in the craziness.  Then we have Corella Waring, Reagan Root, Circes Tate, and Bambi Bodette playing the roles of our victims.  Great kills especially Corella's character Daisy with a very distinct kill I won't spoil for anyone but any giallo fan will be able to place it right away.  All these beautiful young ladies also came through with their small but important parts.  Can't have a giallo without victims.
The Shots:  Yeah giallo's are all about the close-ups.  Most especially eyes.  This is where Dustin totally hit the nail on the head.  I literally got more and more excited each little shot I saw reminding me of my favorite classics.  The use of color...yellow and pink mostly was something unexpected.  Bava was the Godfather of Cinematography for the way he set up shots and his use of colors.  No one has ever been like him at least not in my eyes and I have to say the thoughts of Bava especially kept popping into my head during the film.  Following feet on the floor down a hallway, view from the drain in a sink, well played Dustin Mills.
The Script:  Dustin is an excellent writer.  His dialogue never falls flat and frankly he's getting a lot better.  This movie not only reminded me of the old giallos but also a favorite of mine which most seem to hate on Patrick.  Patrick was about a man in a coma using his mental powers to kill.  Now it isn't the same movie by any means but Andrew is in a coma and well you'll just have to see the final outcome.  Bit of a twist ending per usual with these kinds of movies.  Definitely a well told story beginning to end. 
The Gore:  Wow.  One word.  The knife props by Bradley Brownfield were just well...wow.  Great stabbings, great Hammer style blood even if that's not what Dustin went for that's how it was for me and I love Hammer style bright red blood.  Another bonus with this one.  A bit of cgi thrown in because that's what Dustin does and he does it well.  Never took me out of the movie with any of the fx.  Bravo Dustin Mills.
The Rating:  Yeah I'm not much on beating around the bush with my reviews usually either I like it or I don't.  Loved this.  Watched it a total of three times last night if you include on my phone while playing Xbox waiting for the right moment to screenshot a picture.  Watching Invalid was like a giallo playground and this kid climbed all the way to the top of the monkey bars and cheered arms up...victory.  Thanks again to Dustin and all his crew Wes Allen and Matthew Goodfriend included.

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