Monday, September 21, 2015

Killer Rack

Director - Greg Lamberson (Slime City, Dry Bones)
Starring - Jessica Zwolak (A Heaven for Queers, Dry Bones), Debbie Rochon (Filthy McNasty, Dollface), and Paul McGinnis (Return to Nuke Em High Vol 1, Frankenstein's Patchwork Monster)
Release Date - 2015
Genre - Horror/Comedy
Tagline - "A killer comedy with big...eyes" and "Betty Downer has a problem...make that two"
Format - Streaming (Online Screener)

Rating (out of 5):
     I love when we get unconventional horror films with random things killing people in comical ways.  Over the years we have seen killer condoms, vaginas, peckers, turds, mentally ill children, and even killer bibles.  However, we have never had killer tits before, at least to my knowledge, and we have indie director Greg Lamberson for finally stopping our sufferings.  Late last year Lamberson began heavily announcing his new film Killer Rack which was to be a horror comedy.  I really wanted to see this film that just oozed Troma-esque goodness so I waited patiently until I could see it.  Recently, I saw several horror sites share reviews for the film so I reached out to Lamberson and he was kind enough to send a link to the online screener my way.  Thanks Greg for letting me check this one out!
     The film follows the flat chested Betty Downer (Zwolak) who is having a hard time getting noticed and gaining respect from co-workers, friends, and even her boyfriend.  Things change when she sees an add for Dr. Thulu on the television.  She seeks out the doctor who gives her a set of new knockers that are bigger.  Things change for Betty after her surgery and men start noticing her and her co-workers start respecting her in a sense.  Things turn dark for young Betty when she falls asleep.  Her new tits take control of her body and go out to feed on those that perversely looked at her cans.  After several feedings her tits take complete control of Betty and go on a killing spree all over town until she runs into someone she realizes loved her for her even though she came up a little flat.
     Horror comedies will always be my favorite out of all the horror films.  I love most of all the horror comedies I see but my favorites are the ones that are completely absurd with very little logic and an over-overwhelmingly amount of laughs.  That is why I really enjoy the films from Chris Seaver, Troma, and a good portion of those released by SRS Cinema.  Slime City and Dry Bones, the only two Lamberson films I have seen so far, were serious in nature but still had a few small laughs rather they were intentional or not.  I knew Killer Rack would be funny but I had no idea it would be as good as it was.  The acting in this one is fucking great.  The entire cast brought it in this one.  Debbie Rochon channels the spirit of her former roles like the ones seen in Filthy McNasty and gives us a fun characters that is over the top and fun.  The film's lead, Jessica Zwolak, was great as well and really dedicated her all to the role which shows in every scene.  The remainder of the cast was great.  We get small roles from Lloyd Kaufman and the great Michael Thurber.  The story for this one is all over the fucking place.  The film begins with a doctor who is part of a Cthulhu cult trying to find the perfect host for her experiments.  The film then follows that up with tit pun after tit pun.  The whole time they are rubbing them in the viewers face...which is not a bad thing.  Then the film takes a bloody turn when the tits become sentient and start killing at will.  This was great and a great spin on the the creature feature sub-genre.  Finally, the film has tons of on screen deaths.  The deaths are all the same with the toothed tits eating those they run into.  Though they are all the same, they are still fun and add even more humor to the film.  The practical effects are great as well.  The gore, monster tits, and kills all look fantastic.  Sadly, they toss in a little bit of CGI that just does not work that well.  Overall, Killer Rack is one of the funniest films of the year.  The film has plenty of sexuality, gore, humor, and some Lovecraftian horror tossed in for good measure.  This could be the years best date movie!  Check it out.

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