Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Weresquito: Nazi Hunter (2016)

(out of 5)

 Weresquito:  Nazi Hunter (2016)
directed by:  Christopher Mihm
starring:  Douglas Sydney, Rachel Grubb, James Norgard, Michael G. Kaiser, Michael Cook, Marcus Cutting, Daniel Sjerve
format:  NTSC:  Region 1 - Personal Collection

     "Do not attempt to adjust the picture...." the famous line introducing the old tv show, "The Outer Limits" back in the 60's.  Christopher Mihm has created the same sort of feel with his film Weresquito:  Nazi Hunter.  Right down to the style of humanoid creature, outlandish masks and prosthetics, and simple set designs.  For me there really wasn't much not to like here I love the old sci-fi films in the 50's and 60's most especially Outer Limits and I really can't think of another movie that hit the nail on the head for a throwback film of this type.  Even the dialogue of the script and the way the actors acted were perfect. 
     Douglas Sydney did an excellent job playing the protagonist John Baker a colonel in the United States military who has suffered experimentation at the hands of the Nazi government after being captured. His body shape shifts into a weresquito, half man and half mosquito every time he sees blood.  The movie follows John years later as he searches for Schramm the mad Nazi scientist who created him.  John goes from person to person of everyone involved in the experiments that changed him even a fellow victim searching for information on Schramm.  He dispatches everyone of them continuing his quest and ending up in a small town made up of German immigrants.  There he meets Leisl who takes him and gives him a place to stay for the night after John beats up her abusive ex-boyfriend at the local diner.  I won't go into spoiling much more but I will say the movie was a breath of fresh air for me.  I see the old sci-fi films like this and it was even shot in back and white which really was just icing on the cake for the feel and tone of the film over all.  Even the sounds in the film were perfect for the nostalgia this movie created.  Highly recommended.

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